Being the pioneer in the field of Business Information and Credit Ratings in Vietnam, VietnamCredit is also the first company to realease Industry Report.

10 years ago, after a long time of researching, VietnamCredit’s top experts finally published reports on more than 30 driving industries of the economy. At that time, the Prime Minister of Vietnam also issued the Vietnam Standard Industrial Classification under Decision numbered 10/2007 / QD-TTg, which is still of use nowadays.

While in accordance with the Standard Industrial Classification, there were 5 levels with 21 sections (level 1) encoded by letters from A to U, VietnamCredit satisfied customers by classifying the industries based on their needs. VietnamCredit’s Industry Report provides data and analysis of current economic situation in Vietnam and provides forecasts of the future.

In the report, VietnamCredit’s specialists analyze the scale, proportion, sales, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges of each industry. In addition, we also provide a ranking of 10 largest enterprises by industry (ranked by VietnamCredit).

Thanks to the useful information it brings, our Industry Report has attracted attention of numerous customers. Such major banks as Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank), China Construction Bank (CCB) or manufacturers as Yamaha or Tomita (Japan),… were particularly interested in our reports and placed a lot of orders.

Over the past 10 years, what makes our Industry Report outstanding is the VietnamCredit Industry Index (VII). This index has been researched for a long time and has been continuously developed ever since.

Along with the efforts of the Government to improve the Industrial Classification to match with International standards, VietnamCredit continuously improves its
Industry Report to better meet the needs of the market.

In terms of the format, the information in our new report is orgnanized more smartly for both research use and practical use.

In terms of the content, our database is also updated more fully and more detailedly. Made by a team of experienced experts along with analytical ideas by leading researchers of each industry, our new Industry Report will offer Banks, Investors and Businesses a great insight into the industry as well as its future development.

Last but not least, instead of 30 industries, we are now preparing analysis report on 88 industries in Vietnam, equivalent to 88 divisions according to the Vietnam Standard Industrial Classification.

Our old Industry Report may no longer be applicable to current needs, however, for students who  major in economics, this is a huge source of information for them to broaden their knowledge. Therefore, we decided to give away 20 Industry Reports of 20 economic sectors of Vietnam released in 2008 for your reference. Hopefully with the knowledge that these reports bring, you will reap the best results!!


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