What is a VietnamCredit company report

Company report prepared by VIETNAMCREDIT contains most updated information about a certain company. The report is made based on information collected from reliable sources and direct investigation. A team of financially analytic experienced experts will closely look at the figures and deliver objective opinions on the company, including its import-export activities, potential risks, financial health, payment history, litigation and our rating scores. Our report aims at giving our customers insights into their business partners, navigating and mitigating possible risks as well as assisting the customers in making well-informed decisions.
What is a VietnamCredit company report

Types of company reports

Over the past 20 years, VietnamCredit has made every attempt to provide customers with the best and most accurate company reports. Based on customer needs, we offer four standardized types of company reports:
Comprehensive credit report

credit report





Internationalcompany REPORT

company REPORT

The structure of a company report

Depending on the demand of information for each kind of user, we develop 4 standardized types of report that serve the best use for our customers at the most economical price. Company Comprehensive Reports provides extremely detailed information and in-depth analysis of companies in Vietnam while Company Financial Data Reports focus on financial statements. Company Light Report gives basic data and analytical overview and International Company Reports gives our customers Insights into their off-shore business partners. VietnamCredit also serve the company report which is customized with client's demands, but generally, each type of company report includes:

(*) This price is for reference purpose only. The price varies depending on order processing requirement time (the slower, the cheaper). For customized report, please contact our hotline +84 98 186 1066 Email: sales@vietnamcredit.com.vn
(**) The price varies depending on global geographical location of the subject. 

How a company report helps you?

VietnamCredit company reports help you gain INSIGHTS into your counterparties. In addition, our company reports also help you to:
How a company report helps you?
  • Determine the trustworthiness of business partners: We are proud to be able to provide our customers with reliable reports on their potential and existing partners, assist them in assessing their partners’ creditworthiness and limit their counter-party risk exposure.
  • Change or adjust relationship and policies with business partners: Based on our evaluation of the reliability, financial capacity, payment history of the subject, our customers can change / adjust the relationship and current policies applied to their business partners, including payment, credit, delivery and after-sales…etc.
  • Improve your power in negotiation: Having Insights into your counter-party helps you to achieve a better position in negotiation over your counter-party, thus, improving your business efficiency.
  • Develop a reliable and sustainable partnership system: Company reports provide you with financial and non-financial information which is of great support for you to evaluate your partnership system (supplier and customers) in the most comprehensive way, identify potential counter-party risks for suitable adjustments.
  • Create competitive advantages: Having insights into your counterparty or your opponent helps you correctly position yourself in the market, enhance your strengths over your counterparty/ opponents.

Who need a company report?

As information is vital to business, our products have served various kinds of customers across industries, including Finance & Banking, Insurer, Manufacturers, Service Providers…etc. Our company products help them to manage their counterparty risk and limit their risk in doing business. Who need a company report?

why vietnamcredit company report

The first credit rating company in Vietnam

Established in 1996, our company has 22 years-experience of providing reports on domestic and oversea companies, supporting many organizations and individuals in making their business decisions.

The sole member of AsiaGate in Vietnam and member of BIIA (Business Information Industry Association)

Being a member of AsiaGate and BIIA gives VNC access to the largest credit database in Asia and a global network of business information providers that enable us to provide the most comprehensive reports on off-shore companies.

Reliable sources of updated information

We provide information that are REAL TIME – ACCURATE and DIVERSIFIED. Our information is collected from MPI, General Department of Taxation, General Statistics Office, Court System, and especially, we have a strong team of direct investigators working directly with the subjects that makes our information updated and verified.

Largest company database in Vietnam

Our data has been collected and updated since 1996, which gives VNC ability to provide the historical data to date.

The best quality reports

Our products have been trusted and acknowledged by many global and local financial groups such as KPMG, EnY, Mizuho, Vietcombank as well as world-top manufacturers like Samsung, Yamaha, Panasonic.
Competitive price: With a huge database and well-qualified staff, the cost of our reports is increasingly improving, meeting a wide range of customers demands.

Competitive price

With a huge database and well-qualified staff, the cost of our reports is increasingly improving, meeting a wide range of customer's demands.
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