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What is a Company Report?

Company reports from VietnamCredit are the ideal instruments to equip you with the critical knowledge you need. Information on import-export activities, financial health, and litigation, etc.. Every single company operating in Vietnam and other countries across the globe are included in our database. Information in the reports is amassed from both our existing data and direct interview.

You need to have a thorough understanding of your business partners condition. Once you are equipped with one of our reports, you will be able to seize the dominant negotiating position. You will mitigate possible risks, and gain many other benefits. You cannot afford to miss out on all of the advantages VietnamCredit company reports bring to you.

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Types of Company Reports

Over the past 20 years, VietnamCredit has been providing customers with the highest quality, most accurate company reports available. We have created four different types of reports to meet our customer's individual needs and exacting standards:
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Comprehensive Report

Incredibly detailed, in-depth views on every business entity in Vietnam.

Company Profile Report

See the whole picture of a subject company's public presence. Discover the history of the company along with major events and milestones. Learn about current and former executives and their current mission. Find the products and or services offered including industry background and placement within that industry.
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International Company Report

All of the features and depth of the Vietnam Company Report, for business entities located outside of Vietnam. This report is different in that the International Company Report is customized for Non-Vietnamese companies and their unique qualities.

Company Standard Report

A complete view into the financial health of a subject company. Annual and quarterly P/L, investments, liquidity and cash flow, ratios, growth and trends.

How can Company Reports help you?

We provide you with the most accurate information available on a target company. This newfound power will enable you to instantly make the most informed business decisions possible. Potential clients, customers, clients and partners can be vetted immediately. You decide if you want to proceed or not.
How can Company Reports help you?
Develop a reliable and sustainable partnership system
Company reports supply you with financial and non-financial information which is of great support for you to evaluate your partnership system (suppliers and customers) in the most comprehensive way, and to identify potential counter-party risks for suitable adjustments.
Change or adjust relationships and policies with business partners
Based on our evaluation of the reliability, financial capacity, payment history of the subject, our customers can change/adjust the relationships and current policies applied to their business partners, including payment, credit, delivery, and after-sales, etc.
Determine the trustworthiness of business partners & suppliers

We are proud to be able to provide our customers with reliable reports on their potential and existing partners and/or clients, to assist them in assessing the partners' creditworthiness, and limit their counter-party risk exposure.
More trustworthy with our Due Diligence Report >>>

Improve your power in negotiation
Deeply understanding your counter-party helps you to achieve a better negotiation position, thus, improving your business efficiency.
Create competitive advantages
Having insights of your counterparties or your opponents helps enhance your strengths over them and correctly position yourself in the market.

Who needs a Company Report

As infomation is vital to business, our products serve various kinds of customers across industries, including Finance & Banking, Insurers, Manufacturers, and Service Provider, etc. to manage their counterparty risks and limit their risks in doing business.
We also provide Debt Collection Service for our customer >>>
Who needs a Company Report

Why VietnamCredit's Company Reports

First information provider company in Vietnam

Established in 1996, our company has 22 years of experience in providing reports on domestic and oversea companies, supporting many organizations and individuals in making their business decisions

Unique member of AsiaGate in Vietnam

Being a member of AsiaGate gives VietnamCredit access to the largest credit database in Asia. Not only Asiagate, VietnamCredit also participate in to many global networks of business information providers. This unique role enables us to provide the most comprehensive international reports.

Reliable sources of information

Largest company database in Vietnam

Having been collected and constantly updated since 1996, not only can our database give you current information but it also contains a full history of target companies.

Reliable sources of information

Our information is REAL TIME - ACCURATE & DIVERSED. On top of data collected from MPI, Genneral department of Taxation, GSO, and Court System, etc., we have a strong team of investigators working directly with the subjects that ensures the up-to-dateness and accuracy of the information.
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