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What is a Due Diligence Report?

Approximately 65 out of 100 M&A deals, especially those with foreign partners, may fall through, which is caused by the inconsistency in the valuation of the company, or careless and inaccurate assessment.

Due Diligence Report is detailed investigation of a business or an individual before a transaction takes place, or a cooperation is offered with the aim of mitigating risks. The report provides the most accurate data on the performance and efficiency of the business, so that the buyer can determine the value of the business, identify potential risks and problems. Due diligence, therefore, is considered a very important activity, deciding the success of a business.

There are 3 common types of Due Diligence Report, including Commercial Due Diligence (CDD), Financial Due Diligence (FDD), and Legal Due Diligence (LDD).

VietnamCredit offers following Due Diligence Reports

Corporate Assets Structure Report

Corporate Assets Structure Report

Prior to any M&A activity, it is really important to identify the real owner of the target company and its asset structure. VietnamCredit traces each and every asset and their relationship with the owner, which can be found in many companies, both officially and unoffcially. Ownership structure conducted by VietnamCredit provides you with an insightful view on your customers and partners.

Civil Background Checks

Civil Background Checks

This civil background check activity aims at verifying the identity, field of activity, and educational background of the subjects. An identity fraud may cause the fall of the stock market or bankruptcy of a company. We hope to help our clients identify and control human-caused risks in their business. All civil verification activities are carried out only with the consent of the subjects.


Company Litigation Checks

Company Litigation Checks

Litigation check is absolutely essential for any M&A activity. With broad network of lawyers and legal-specific information coverage, VietnamCredit explores, reads and filters your customers-related legal information and lawsuits in Vietnam. Understanding the history of litigation and business disputes is a great way for you to maintain relationships with your existing partners and establish relationships with new partners.


Land Title Search

Land Title Search

VietnamCredit will help you find out where the company's land records are, how it is priced in the market, whether it is mortgaged, pledged or guaranteed? You will also be provided with pictures of the property taken at the site to better understand the situation. The report also mentions the publicized plan in accordance with the law on investment in real estate project.
Make sure that the information about the company is reliable with our company reports

How can VietnamCredit's Due Diligence Report help you?

Understand your partner in terms of financial situation

Clearly understand your partner in terms of financial situation, ownership structure, and asset structure, etc. to make the best decisions and minimize possible risks.

Accurately price the deal and successfully negotiate.

Accurately price the deal and negotiate successfully.

Minimize time and cost by usi

Minimize self-investigation time and cost by using professional and comprehensive reports.

Why VietnamCredit's Due Diligence Report?

Why VietnamCredit's Due Diligence Report?

1. Enormous and reliable data source

VietnamCredit has prepared over 600,000 company reports. We store information on 1,240,000 businesses and entrepreneurs operating in Vietnam, along with records on legal action involving those entities.

2. Expertise

Over the course of our 23 year history, we have selectively hired only the best, brightest, and most highly educated personnel. We continually educate our staff and provide ample opportunities for professional growth. As a result, our investigators and analysts are the the most highly qualified and professional available. Our products and services reflect this very clearly.

3. Report layout

Over our long history, our reports have been meticulously reexamined and constantly improved. The results are highly readable and easily understood reports. Even those with little or no experience reading this type of material will be able to quickly comprehend.

4. Reasonable price

Reports typically take 2-3 days to produce. Our reports are priced much lower than it would cost to do it yourself, and with much better results.
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