We provide business information on companies and industries in Vietnam. We help manage risk and increase business activity through the most comprehensive and accurate credit analysis reports in the industry. Our Trustworthy InsightsTM facilitates better business decisions. In an ever-changing marketplace, VietnamCredit delivers the competitive edge needed to stay informed on your partners, customers and suppliers.

  • Company Report
  • VietnamCredit's company reports equip to with you the most up-to-date information about your partners, customers and distributors. Each report will help you negotiate more effectively by having a more thorough understanding of your customers and pote...
  • Industry Report
  • VietnamCredit has furnished hundreds of reports on 88 industries in Vietnam. Our Industry Report provides a full range of development indicators of the industry. Our experts also analyze the level of development, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities ...
  • M&A Reporting Services
  • Due diligence is a process which helps you to detect problems before, during and after conducting a business deal. Due diligence is your helping hand in determining the actual costs that will be incurred for the deal and assists you in setting up the...
  • Collection Supporting Services
  • VietnamCredit provides debt collections supporting services. We resolve business debt by getting the people who own the money to pay what they have to pay and at the same time help you retain positive business relationships with your debtors by provi...


We are guided by and committed to due diligence and a self-responsive approach, which makes it possible for us to provide the best and most accurate ratings on companies and industries in the economy. We faithfully and consistently pursue the principles of integrity, authenticity and objectivity in order to provide the most useful and objective information possible.


Trusted by customers worldwide

Our worldwide clients include credit insurers, manufacturers, distributors, investment fund managers, bankers, auditors, lawyers, and others seeking to successfully integrate into the Vietnamese economy.

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