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The Resolution Of The Government's Regular Meeting In November 2019

The Resolution Of The Government's Regular Meeting In November 2019

Saturday 14, 12 2019
In the last month of 2019, the Government requested all levels and sectors to not be subjective, continue to implement drastically and synchronously the proposed solutions to exceed the targets and targets assigned by the National Assembly in 2019, creating a solid foundation for the implementation of socio-economic development plans and state budget estimates in 2020.

This is the content recently issued by the Government.

The Resolution stated that the Government Members should have specific solutions to timely overcome the shortcomings and limitations in and fields under their charge; at the same time, they also need to proactively set directions, tasks, solutions and actively prepare necessary conditions, ensure the implementation of the 2020 plan from the beginning of the year.

The Government requires ministries, agencies and localities to continue closely monitoring the developments in the world and regional economy, changes in market supply and demand, prices, especially essential goods, for solutions and countermeasures suitable for operating macro policies, stabilizing market prices, prioritizing inflation control, macroeconomic stability, promoting production, business, and export development during the year-end and Tet holidays.

Each ministry and branch closely follows the growth scenario, has timely and appropriate management solutions to promote the development of production and business in the management domains and fields, ensuring the highest fulfillment of the set targets. It is necessary to actively urge, remove obstacles and accelerate the disbursement of public investment capital in the 2019 plan to achieve the highest results, especially for large and important projects, creating a driving force for socio-economic development; to strengthen supervision to prevent and combat corruption, wastefulness, group interests, and efficient use of public investment.

Ensure currency circulation throughout the year-end period

The Government asked the State Bank of Vietnam to continue operating the monetary policy proactively, flexibly, prudently, creating favorable conditions and meeting the demand for credit capital for production and business activities, ensuring monetary security and safety in the context of the digital economy; ensuring smooth monetary circulation, especially during the end of 2019 and early 2020.

The Ministry of Finance focuses on directing the completion of the state budget estimate in 2019, striving to increase revenues higher than reported to the National Assembly, contributing to creating more investment resources for urgent and important projects and constructions, as well as for salary reform.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade focuses on directing and removing difficulties and obstacles in the development of industrial production continue to diversify export markets while maintaining the stability of key markets.

Have good preparation for the supply of essential goods

The Government assigned the Ministry of Industry and Trade to continue implementing solutions to improve the quality and competitiveness of Vietnamese products, build Vietnamese brands in the context of integration.

Localities have plans to prepare well the supply of essential goods for people, especially people in remote areas, border areas, islands, areas affected by natural disasters, floods, ensuring that there are no increase prices of food.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in coordination with the Ministry of Industry and Trade has a plan to stabilize pork prices at the end of the year, so as not to lack supply, causing price fever.

Establish a special working group to review overlapping and inadequate regulations.

The Prime Minister has set up a special working group headed by the Minister of Justice with the participation of relevant ministries and agencies to review overlapping, inadequate, inappropriate, and impractical legal provisions that cause difficulties and hinder development; to make a list of legal documents that need amendment and supplement to submit to competent authorities for consideration and decision.

The Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs continues to well implement social welfare policies, focusing on well implementing the policies towards people with meritorious services, taking care of social protection beneficiaries and the poor, especially before, during and after the Lunar New Year.

The Ministry of Health urgently directs the pilot implementation of 4 hospitals under the Ministry of Health in accordance with Resolution 33 / NQ-CP dated May 19, 2019; in which, on organization and personnel, the Chairman of the Management Board is not concurrently General Director / Hospital Director during the pilot period.

The Resolution of the Government's regular meeting in November 2019

Continue to promote high achievement in sports

The Government requested the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to promote and improve the quality of tourism services to attract tourists, as well as to continue to promote high achievement in sports, gradually affirming Vietnam's position in the region and the world.

The Ministry of Transport has a plan to ensure traffic safety at the end of the year and best serve the travel needs of people during the Lunar New Year and to expeditiously deploy the system of toll collection of road-using services in an electronic form without stopping and report to the Prime Minister on matters beyond their competence.

The Ministry of Public Security actively implements measures to prevent and combat crimes and law violations, and strictly handle violations, especially acts of organizing illegal cross-border trafficking, human trafficking, black credit, and gangster; focuses on suppressing criminals, especially drug and criminal offenses, strengthen the prevention within the functional forces themselves. They also strengthen fire prevention and fighting, as well as ensure traffic safety and order.

Visa-free extension for citizens of several countries

The Government agreed to extend the visa exemption for citizens of Russia, Japan, the Republic of Korea, the Kingdom of Denmark, the Kingdom of Norway, the Kingdom of Sweden, the Republic of Finland and the Republic Belarus entering the country until December 31, 2022, with a temporary stay in Vietnam for no more than 15 days from the date of entry, regardless of passport type and purpose of entry on the basis of meeting all conditions prescribed by Vietnamese law.

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