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What's behind good risk management

What's behind good risk management

Thursday 06, 02 2020
One of the most important parts of risk management is evaluating operational risks. Let’s take the case of a shoe factory for example.
When doing business, you hope for the best but you need to plan for the worst scenarios. Doing so means that you understand the true value of risk management, and then you will be able to take advantage of its benefits.

1. Better operations is the best. 

One of the most important parts of risk management is evaluating operational risks. Let’s take the case of a shoe factory for example. To operate a shoe factory effectively and smoothly, you must make sure that there are enough materials to maintain a steady amount of product, by the ratio between demands and supplies. However, there are still chances that you will have to face operational risks, such as malfunctioning machinery, your materials not being delivered timely, or problems regarding the needs of your employees, etc.

In these cases, the situation will be a lot better if you have some kinds of preparations or back up plans to help you will alternative material supplies, replacing broken machinery, or satisfying your employees' needs.

That’s partly how you manage your operational risks, to ensure your business runs smoothly without any sudden obstacles.

2. Increased security is obvious. 

In this sense, security includes data security, information confidentiality, and the basic physical security of the company. Performing risk management in security means raising your awareness of how important security is to your business, and how severe the consequences of breaches in security maybe.

For example, let’s say you install a new system to protect your database from hackers. This action will benefit your company as it keeps the database safe from falling into the hands of hackers, who may blackmail you using them, or of your opponents, who may take advantage of your data to improve their businesses, including those about potential customers, operational strategies, etc.

In the case of basic physical security, a functioning security system stemmed from careful risk management will prevent strangers or potentially dangerous people from entering your company without permission, lessening the chances of them harming your employees, your business or maybe even stealing your money without you knowing it. It’s always better to be prepared.

3. Successful ideas reduce the risks.

Even if your risk management is perfect, it doesn’t mean that you will not have to take chances anymore. Running a business, it is important to think of a way to expand or improve your operations.

However, these can still be carefully-measured and well-informed chances thanks to the risk management process assessing your new ideas to help you pick the best ones, which have high chances of earning profits.

This is how risk management might help you with your decision-making procedures.

4. Customer satisfaction improvement 

As a result of having better operations, increased security, and a combination of successful initiatives, it is very likely that your business will run effectively and profitably, allowing it to generate the adequate amount of products or services with the best possible quality to provide your customers with, thus earning you their satisfaction.

Once you have satisfied your customers, you will need to further stimulate this by continually and significantly improve what you offer to your customers in order to raise their trust in you and your brand, urging them to make more use of your business, your products, and your services, which in turn will bring you the profits so you may make your business even better.

5. Good risk management for fewer problems

This is one of the most obvious advantages which a good risk management process may provide you with, as it will let you know not all but most of the problems threatening your business, providing you with the opportunity to deal with them before they happen, or before they become too severe and affect your business too seriously.

For example, with a good risk management process, you will know beforehand which action or policy of your company is not following the local laws and regulations, allowing you to alter them before you have to deal with the local authority for breaking any rule.

Another example is the case in which, by performing the proper risk management process, you can estimate the costs of your operations, as well as the potential costs should anything go wrong, allowing you to make the adjustments needed to limit or even avoid that payment. 
Risk Management

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