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What to expect from a Company Report?

What to expect from a Company Report?

Thursday 16, 01 2020
In the business world, making fast and accurate decisions are important, and to do so, vast business knowledge and information are required.

However, doing research from scratch can be quite time-consuming, and the possibility of making mistake is quite high for those who lack skills, thus negatively affecting their companies’ performance. Luckily, our Company Report are here to help, as it provides people with all the business information required to come to a quick and precise business decisions. If you are a first time user or want to know what to expect from our Report, here is a brief on its structure and the most important details. 

Firstly, on the first page is summary of the Report, ranging from basic information like company’s name, business ID, and registration date to more important information including charter capital, major shareholders, business line, industry classification, sale trend, negative payments record, default risk, etc. We also show the key performance data of the subject in a chart form with, showing the changes of the figures. At the end is a short company description and recommendations on trading with the subject.

After the summary comes information about the subject in detail, including the basic company profile with name, type of business, registration, charted capital, and scale, etc., followed by a list of events transpired during the operation with clear date and all changes, arranged in a chronological order. All the information on the real estates of the subject, the affiliated company and share ownership, the Management and Directors, as well as the Shareholders are also listed below, together with their contacts (for the Shareholders, there’re also information on their value of shares). 

The next part includes information on the subject’s business operation, consisting of the business line, its current activities, its registered activities, the information on the subject’s import or purchasing and its suppliers, as well as the information on the subject’s export or sales and its major clients. All of these are important factors that you need to pay attention to, since they serve the purpose of revealing to you who or what you are dealing with, giving you access to decide whether the subject suits your requirements. 

Coming after the business operation information is the one on the industry information, including the economic indicators like the population, the GDP, the GDP per capital, etc.; the profile of the industry such as the name, the ISIC code, the number of companies and employees; and the total industry financial data, including the Average Total Assets, the Average Owner's Equity, the Average Sales, and the Average Profit after Tax. In order to effectively cooperate with your partners, you need to have deep understand the industries that they operate in so you can get the picture of the industries’ developing trend, its labor force, and your potential profit, thus giving you the chance of deciding whether you want to take part in the industry. This is also a part that you should not overlook when going through our Company Report

company report

In doing business, it is possible for a company to have problems with paying their suppliers once, twice or even more, and if the subject has had any of those incidents, they will be carefully listed in the Negative Payment Records of the Company Report. In addition, the banking information of the subject is also written down in the Report so you can have better frames of references. Moreover, the litigation records and negative news are also in the Report. You can use the information gained from this part of the Report in negotiating terms regarding payment with your subject to mitigate the chance of those incidents happening to you. 

If you wish to know your partners, to learn more about what they own and how they have performed during their operation, etc., the Financial Data part of our Company Report is one you should pay your attention to. With information about the highlights; the ratios and industry average, including information about the activity, leverage, profitability, growth rate; the financial statement like the assets, resources, profit and loss statement, cash flow statement, and together with deep analyses of those information, we ensure you that the information you receive would be thorough, in-depth, and useful. 

After providing you with all the required information, at the end of the Report, we would inform you about the scale and ranking of your partner, as well as a creditworthiness rating to help you decide whether to form a business partnership. However, the decisions are still yours to make. 

In conclusion, with all the detailed information gathered through performing thorough research, by going through our Company Report, we are sure that you will have a great frame of reference to help you in making faster and more accurate business decisions. 


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