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What do the CEOs say about business in COVID-19?

What do the CEOs say about business in COVID-19?

Friday 15, 05 2020
COVID-19, the blockade, and isolation are changing the way businesses operate. Here's a look at the change in the business world of some of the leaders of the world's largest companies.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Bezos said that under normal conditions, the second quarter of 2020 to Amazon can earn $ 4 billion or more in operating profit. However, this is an abnormal condition. "Instead, we plan to spend the entire $ 4 billion or maybe more on shipping products to customers and keeping employees safe during the COVID-19 season.”

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

The Microsoft executive said that COVID-19 affects every aspect of work and life. The past two months of digital transformation are as valuable as two years. "From remote teamwork, sales training, and customer service to infrastructure and cloud security, we are working together with customers every day to help them open their businesses in a social distancing world, “said Nadella.

Apple CEO Tim Cook

"We continue to work. Everyone is familiar with the work at home," said Mr. Tim Cook. He admits that in some parts of the world people are more productive but others living in other parts are inefficient.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk

The Tesla leader is one of the CEOs who strongly opposes blockade orders. He said that if people want to voluntarily stay at home, it is good but they should not be forced to do so. "If they say that people can't leave home and will be arrested if they do, then that's fascist. It's not democratic, it's not free. The government has to give people freedom," Elon Musk said.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

"Overall, I think in a period like this, there is a lot of innovation that needs to be built," Zuckerberg said. The founder of Facebook said that instead of stopping, many companies should continue to invest and develop new needs for customers to offset the loss.

What do the CEOs say about business in COVID-19?

Spotify Technology CEO Daniel Ek

"When I look into the future, I always think of Spotify's role in the larger ecosystem. While most people focus on competition between streaming services, we continue to focus on billions of users listening to linear radio, "Daniel Ek said.

CEO of Alphabet Sundar Pichai

"Advertising business in the first two months of the first quarter was quite strong. In March, we experienced a significant drop in revenue," Pichai said, the recovery in advertising spending would depend on the recovery of the economy

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel

Spiegel said the pandemic would promote the digital transformation of many businesses. Increasing levels of technology adoption are showing sustainable growth in the digital economy over time.

CEO of Exxon Mobil Darren Woods

"The situation is volatile but the fundamentals that underpin our business are still strong," said Darren Woods. The CEO explained that the population would increase to more than 9 billion by 2040, from more than 7 billion today. Billions of people would enter the middle class and pursue a lifestyle with energy products. The economy would expand again. "Of course, there are likely to be some short-term challenges but historically, following economic contraction periods are periods of significant growth," he analyzed.

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson

Randall Stephenson said that pandemics can make lasting changes, about the things we used to use, the way we gather, travel, and interact. However, there are only a few specific images of that.

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