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Vietnam Credit and Company Credit Report

Vietnam Credit and Company Credit Report

Thursday 14, 05 2020
VietnamCredit is the brand name of the Vietnam Credit Ratings JSC. Our slogan is “Trustworthy Insights” and our business code of conducts is Diligence, Honesty and Objectivity.

Vietnam Credit products 

We provide the customers with trustworthy business information, including Sales & Marketing Solutions, Company Reports, Industry Reports, Due Diligence Reports and Debt Collection Service, helping clients make faster and more precise credit decisions. 

What is included in Vietnam Credit reports?

The Company Report is a synthesis in many aspects with a lot of key data, both raw and analyzed, about the value of a company: The company profile; the legal records; the locations; the changes which the company has gone through in its history; the Management and Directors, the affiliated company and share ownership, the company operation; the placement within the industry; the litigation records (if any). 

Another important factor is the financial statement, in which the liquidity, operating, leverage, and benefit ratios are analyzed thoroughly based on Financial Statement of at least 3 consecutive years.

The appendixes of the Company Report give the customers basic national indexes & indicators, such as The GDP, CPI, FDI situation, and other Vietnamese economy’s macroeconomic indexes in recent years, granting them more thorough vision of the Vietnamese economy. 
We include in the reports the company ownership structure, the correlation of that company in the economic sector, and the comparison to other companies to accurately evaluate the true value of the company.  

How are Vietnam Credit Reports created?

Firstly, our analysts and credit reporting staff will set the company ratios in the development context of the industry and other companies by considering the correlation of development in a year compared to multiple years, of a company compared to other companies, and in an industry compared to the average development index of Vietnam.

Then, they will directly interview the company to attain more information, allowing them to find out the accurate nature and actual capability of the subject company.   

At the end, the report will be completed and extracted into different formats, including word, pdf, cvs or xml…. Prior to delivery, the report will be evaluated by our team leaders to see if there is any abnormal, inconsistence or any additional information needed.

The functions of the Vietnam Company Report

The two main functions of the Vietnam Credit Company Report are risk management and trade promotion as customers can make more accurate decisions when they have more updated and accurate information, including the ones on risky trade deal elimination and safe trade deal implementation.  

VietnamCredit report also makes important comments on the level of “Possibility of Default” and provides suggestions about the "credit limit” for a company.

The important notes of Vietnam Credit Company Report 

In the company report, the most crucial factor is the credit risk rating. This is the final conclusion our experts gained after synthesizing and analyzing all the elements that require evaluation in a company, and it is divided into 5 levels of risk with A being a lowly-risky one and D being a highly-risky one. The NR – None Rated - level indicates that Vietnam Credit has not performed the evaluation yet due to insufficient information.

Our evaluation method is proposing different weights for different files and companies to gain the most practical conclusion. We also have 5 types of company scale: supper small, small, medium, big, and very big based on the Tangible Net Worth. Moreover, in the report, it also clearly specifies the type of the company, such as whether it is listed or not, etc. 

Thanks to their profound experience and tactful skills, our experts have the ability to see through the numbers and to give the most thorough comment or feeling on the matter, allowing them to provide you with helpful reference in doing business in Vietnam and abroad.

Contact for a free company credit report 

You may contact us via phone, email, directly contact box on our website or you can come to our office on the 15th floor of the Licogi 13 Building, Khuat Duy Tien Str., Hanoi City, Vietnam. 

You can send us an email to the address: [email protected] in which stated the name of the target company, the report form and the deadline, or you can access to look for the target company and make an order. 

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