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Credit card information: unimaginable stealing tricks

Credit card information: unimaginable stealing tricks

Saturday 15, 02 2020
It is possible that your credit card information may be stolen in ways you did not expect, because it could be the moment when you do not take any precautions.

There are many cases where credit cardholders do not pay for any goods with a card but there is still a notice of deduction of deposit sent to their phone or email. There are also people who lose money right before their eyes without even knowing it. In such cases, it is certain that the cardholder's information has been previously stolen and hackers are using the acquired information to steal their money.

The question is how hackers stole credit card information of cardholders without them knowing to prevent it? In fact, credit cards are highly secure when integrating EMV chip technology, but this does not mean that the information of cards is not easily stolen, and card information can even be stolen in ways we have never expected

Credit card information stealing tricks

You should bear in mind that in any cases, you can become target of hackers. Without thinking of sophisticated tricks, your simplest actions can determine how possible your information can be stolen.

Tricks to steal information directly

  • Installing information stealing equipment at ATMs or POS terminals: Information stealing devices can be installed next to the skimming device (card data scanning tool) attached to the memory card to record card data or they can be CCTVs placed in places nobody expects.

  • Hackers are capable of producing fake cards, so there is no reason why they cannot make papers to fake bank staff or authorized persons. Be very careful with these brave tricks of hackers.

  • Lending credit to others: People hardly think twice if family members ask to borrow theira credit card to shop, and whether it is accidental or intentional, chances are high that our relatives may reveal credit card information without even knowing it.

  • Not paying attention when giving the card to the cashier or leaving it too obvious: Only a moment of negligence, leaving the card out of sight or leaving it too obvious are irresponsible actions with our credit cards.

There is a trick that requires high technology, but is applied a lot, which is to use a thermal camera. Accordingly, hackers will take a screenshot to find the heat sign from your hand and arrange the order of the keys you have pressed to find the PIN. Keys with darker color are the last number and those with the lightest color are the first numbers.

Credit card information: unimaginable stealing tricks

Tricks to steal information indirectly

  • Sending fake notifications, fake alerts but asking for credit card information: The content of the message can be a "sudden" huge reward to you, or a serious warning. They will require you to provide credit card information to receive that reward.

  • Sending malicious code to your phone or computer: Hackers will send you a piece of malware that can steal data from your computer, which may include your credit card information, if you click on it.

  • Access to fake websites: Hackers will buy website domain addresses that cause confusion with the address you want to access because there is only one different character. They may also design the interface in that website identical to the real website, which makes us think it is an official website. Of course, all the data you enter into these sites is under their control.

  • Impersonating relatives on social networks: This is a trick that has been around for a long time, but there are still many people being tricked by it.

The process of paying bills via credit card is also loose. Credit card payment is minimized as much as possible to make it convenient for cardholders, bypassing the PIN, instead, signing for confirmation is applied. It is worth mentioning that the current signature confirmation is just a procedure, cashiers almost never compare the signature on the card and the signature in the invoice.

How to avoid

No security is as good as our own care. Although credit cards and other ATM cards are now integrated with EMV chip, it does not mean that card information is always confidential. When using your credit card for shopping, you need to plan, control and be responsible, especially always bear the following points in mind:

  • Do not let others borrow your card; store your cards carefully; do not access the website of unknown origin.

  • Observe carefully when letting others hold your card; change your PIN frequently.

  • Credit card limit should be set as low as possible to minimize the consequences when credit card information is stolen

Consumers in developed countries prefer to use credit cards instead of cash when conducting payment. At non-cash points, credit cards are a useful tool, so don't be afraid of not managing your credit card information well and bypass a modern and convenient payment service.

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Bonny Le - VietnamCredit


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