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Vietnam’s Livestock & Poultry Export To Reach Usd 1.3 Billion

Wednesday 06, 11 2019
According to Mr. Nguyen Xuan Duong, Acting Director of the Department of Livestock Production, after 10 years of implementing the Livestock Development Strategy for the period 2008-2018
Vietnam’s Livestock & Poultry Export To Reach Usd 1.3 Billion

Stable Growth

The livestock industry has achieved a relatively high and stable growth. The growth rate of animal husbandry is on average of 5-6% per year, thereby contributing to maintaining the general growth of the Agriculture sector, meeting basic food needs for domestic consumption and replacing imports.

However, animal husbandry accounted for only 32% of the Agriculture sector in 2018, lower than the target set by the Strategy and difficult to reach the target of 42% by 2020. In 2018, meat production of all types reached over 5.4 million tons (pork reached 3.8 million tons, poultry meat reached 1.1 million tons, others reached 0.5 million tons); the number of eggs was 11.6 billion and over 936.7 thousand tons of raw milk were produced.

The Strategy's goal set for 2020 (about 7.8 million tons of live meat) cannot be achieved, However, egg production of 13.8 billion eggs and fresh milk production of 1 million tons by 2020 can basically be attained.

Milk production per capita in 2018 reached 9.9 kg. With the current growth rate, by 2020, the average milk output may reach 10.8 kg / person, possibly higher than the target set out in Strategy (10kg / person). The average meat output in 2018 reached 39.9kg / person. It is expected to reach 43.2 kg / person by 2020, thus basically achieving the Strategy's goal of 47.3 kg / person. Egg production per capita in 2018 reached 120 eggs / person, and is expected to reach 143 eggs / person in 2020, which is quite close to the target of 146 eggs as set out in the Strategy.

Vietnam’S Livestock & Poultry Export To Reach Usd 1.3 Billion

The livestock industry is experiencing a shift from manual farming to industrial farming, contributing to the promotion of the modernization of Vietnam's livestock industry. In 2018, the total number of livestock farms was 19,639, accounting for 62% of the total of 31,668 agricultural farms, an increase of 30.3% compared to 2015. In particular, the number of pig farms was 9,770, and that of poultry farms was nearly 11,000.

One remarkable event occurring recently that cannot be ignored is the formation and development of livestock product value chains. The livestock link chains have been built by businesses such as CP Vietnam, Dofico, Dabaco, Japfa Comfeed, Vissan, TH, Vinamilk, Masan, An Ha, Hoang Long Cooperative. , Guilin Group, Mavin

These above-mentioned enterprises have also contributed to forming the type of linking production in the form of processing with large-scale breeding farms under the mode of industrial husbandry. On the other hand, according to the Livestock Sector Restructuring Project to 2020 approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, farm breeding will increase the proportion of the total product output. There will be an increase from 30% to 52% in pigs with pork production increasing from 40% to 60%. The number of chickens will increase from 30% to 60% with chicken meat production increasing from 45% to 75%.

Basically, the livestock industry has met the goals set under the Prime Minister's Decision No. 10/2008 / QD-TTg on the Livestock Development Strategy to 2020 and the requirements of production reality, demand for livestock products for domestic consumers and export.

Thanks to the transformation of production, investment in modern farms and high-yield breeds, the productivity and cost of livestock production have been significantly improved. In general, the productivity and cost of livestock in Vietnam are in the middle group, but in terms of farm and industrial husbandry, our productivity and cost of livestock are on par with that of developed countries within the region.

Increasing Export

The development of animal husbandry in the past 10 years has facilitated the export of a number of products such as honey, pork, salted egg, quail egg, chicken, dairy products and animal feed. According to Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Phung Duc Tien, it is expected that in 2019, the export value of the whole livestock industry will reach about USD 1.3 billion. 

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