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Vietnam’s chemical industry: Companies support to fight the COVID-19

Vietnam’s chemical industry: Companies support to fight the COVID-19

Tuesday 08, 06 2021
In the rise of the COVID-19 in Vietnam, chemical companies in Vietnam have been providing support to fight against the pandemic nationwide.

Chemical products requirement during the pandemic

In the context of the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic, spreading to many provinces and cities, chemical companies of the Vietnam National Chemical Group (Vinachem) are actively preparing products to join hands with the whole country to fight against the virus.

Currently, the COVID-19 epidemic is continuing to have complicated developments, with a high risk of spreading. Besides the involvement of the functional forces and the people, the preparation of chemical sources such as medical oxygen and disinfectants is extremely necessary. Enterprises of Vietnam Chemical Group are actively preparing these items to join hands with the whole country to fight the epidemic. In the context of the complicated development of the COVID-19 epidemic, spreading to many provinces and cities, it becomes necessary and urgent to strengthen the source of basic chemicals to prevent the epidemic. One of the top concerns in Vietnam right now is to ensure an adequate supply of medical oxygen and chemicals to fight against the pandemic.

Medical units, hospitals, carriers, airlines, and industrial parks are all ready to stock up medical oxygen and chemicals to prepare for worst-case scenarios. The member enterprises of Vietnam Chemical Group have been preparing to supply chemical disinfectants, medical oxygen, and antiseptic gel to the whole country.

Produce necessary chemical products

At the moment, the amount of medical oxygen stored in the warehouse of the Industrial Gas And Welding Electrode Joint Stock Company (Sovigaz) is 1.5 times higher compared to the same period last year. Chemicals of all kinds, especially Chloramine B, can be fully supplied to fight against the pandemic. At the same time, Sovigaz committed not to increase the prices of those chemical products. Specifically, the company stated that currently, each month, the whole country consumes from 3,000 to 4,000 tons of medical oxygen, but Sovigaz can produce up to 7,000 tons/month, ie. twice the current demand. More than 60% of the country's market share with nearly 100 major hospitals such as Tu Du, Cho Ray, Gia Dinh People's Hospital, Viet Tiep General Hospital are using medical oxygen produced by Sovigaz.


Not only medical oxygen, but now, Chloramine B is also an important and indispensable chemical disinfectant. Faced with the great demand for Chloramine B in the country, South Basic Chemicals Joint Stock Company has succeeded in researching and producing this product to serve the needs of disinfecting surfaces, workplaces, households, etc. This is also the first company in the country able to produce and put this disinfectant into use. The product has been licensed by the Ministry of Health for use and circulation.

South Basic Chemicals Joint Stock Company

At present, most hospitals and schools in Vietnam have been instructed to use Chloramine B to disinfect and clean surfaces. Therefore, developing this product right now brings much potential. This is also the right time to bring the product to the market and reach users. Mr. Le Thanh Binh, General Director of South Basic Chemical Joint Stock Company, emphasized that currently, a kilogram of Chloramine B produced by Southern Basic Chemical Joint Stock Company costs from 120,000 to 150,000 VND, which is only 60% compared to the imported goods. Companies are now able to take charge of production lines, technology, and product quality to accompany the country's anti-epidemic work.

Another epidemic prevention product that was once sold out on the market was hand sanitizer gel. With the complicated situation of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, there is a possibility of an outbreak, while in the market, hand sanitizers with high bactericidal properties are scarce. Lix Detergent Joint Stock Company (Lixco) has mobilized all resources to prioritize the production of On1 hand sanitizer. Up to this point, Lixco can produce from 40 to 100 tons of hand sanitizer gel and quick hand sanitizer solution daily, meeting the demand for additional supply to the market.

Lix Detergent

The fact that chemical companies of Vietnam Chemical Group can produce disinfectant products to replace imported products and actively produce and supply oxygen at the highest level not only proved their ability to master production technology but also demonstrated the important role of state-owned enterprises in the prevention of the COVID-19 epidemic, which is progressing very complicatedly in Vietnam.


Source: Industry and Trade Magazine

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