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Vietnam: the 8th best countries for investment in 2019

Vietnam: the 8th best countries for investment in 2019

Tuesday 24, 12 2019
Vietnam ranks 8th in the list of the countries for investment, with the highest GDP growth in the list, of 7.1%.

The new ranking of the best economies to invest this year, based on the reviews of 7000 leaders of international companies, has just been announced, with Vietnam passing other neighboring SEA countries, ranking 8th on the list, moving up by 15 places from the 23rd position of last year. The ranking is collected based on 8 criteria, including entrepreneurship, economic stability, favorable tax environment, innovation, skilled labor, technology expertise, dynamism, and corruption.

The top 20 nations of the list are as follows:

Vietnam: the 8th best countries for investment in 2019

Surprisingly, there have been some major changes in this year’s rankings comparing to the rankings from last year. For example, the Philippines, the country that ranked the 1st last year is not on this year’s ranking, and the other nations in the top 5, including Indonesia, Poland, Malaysia, and Singapore no longer maintain their last year positions, with Indonesia dropping the hardest out of the 4 countries, from the 2nd place to the 18th place.

Meanwhile, the majority of this year’s rankings include a lot of countries that were not ranked last year. 3 out of 5 countries in the top 5 were not ranked last year, showing how their potentials have significantly developed over the year.
Vietnam: the 8th best countries for investment in 2019 1
Vietnam itself has also demonstrated its growing economic progress with a sharp increase from the 23rd place in 2018 to the 8th place this year, with a GDP growth of 7.1%, which is the highest out of the 20 countries in the list. This shows investors that Vietnam has the development potentials, thus propelling them to invest in multiple factors of the country, including the natural resources, the financial market, technology, or brands.

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Compiled by Kit – Vietnam Credit
Based on the U.S. News & World Report of Best countries to invest in

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