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Top 10 Food And Beverage Companies In Vietnam

Friday 13, 12 2019
The list of top 10 companies in food and beverage industry in 2019 is made based on scientific and objective principles.
Top 10 Food And Beverage Companies In Vietnam

Companies are assessed and ranked based on three main criteria: (1) Financial capacity shown in the latest financial statements (total assets, total revenue, profits, performance, efficient use of capital, ...); (2) Media reputation assessed by the Media Coding method which codes articles about the companies on influential media channels; (3) Consumers survey on the level of awareness and satisfaction with the company's products / services; Expert survey on the position of companies in the industry; and Enterprise Survey conducted in September 2019 on market size, labor, capital, revenue growth rate, profits and operation plan in 2019.

Top 10 Food Companies in 2019: Milk and dairy products

Top 10 Food Companies in 2019: Sugar, confectionery and other nutritious food

Top 10 Food Companies in 2019: Packaged food, spices, cooking oil

Top 10 Food Companies in 2019: Fresh and frozen food

Top 10 Beverage Companies in 2019: Alcoholic beverages

Top 10 Beverage Companies in 2019: Non-alcoholic beverages (soft drinks, tea, coffee

Top food and beverage brands 2018-2019

The consumer survey conducted in September 2019 indicates some typical brands which are highly appreciated by consumers (by product) including: Vissan (Fresh food), Cai Lan (Spices, Cooking oil), Vinamilk (Milk), Quang Ngai Sugar (Confectionery), Heineken (Beer and wine), Pepsi (Soft drink), Trung Nguyen (Coffee), Acecook (Packaged & canned food)

Top food and beverage brands in 2019 (by product)

According VietnamCredit’s expert, communication plays an important role in connecting manufacturers and consumers, helping consumers better recognize prestigious brands when making shopping decisions. However, the results of media analysis showed that the media presence of enterprises in food and beverage industry is currently limited. Only 49.7% of businesses surveyed have the amount of information reaching the cognitive level, of which 52.1% has the frequency of appearing at least 1 time / month. In terms of information diversity, 11.6% of businesses have information covering 10 out of 24 topics related to their operations. Three most often mentioned topics are: Finance / Business results, Stocks, Products.

Regarding the quality of information, businesses are rated as "safe" when the ratio of positive and negative information difference compared to the total amount of information encoded is 10%, while over 20% is “good”. Currently, only about 28% of businesses in the food and beverage industry reach the level of 10%.

The majority of food and beverage businesses surveyed also said that risks related to brand and business reputation will have a significant impact on production and business activities.

Top 10 food & beverage companies with the broadest positive / negative information difference in the media between August 2018 and August 2019

However, in general, not only businesses in the food and beverage industry, but most Vietnamese businesses are quite cautious about the media because of the lack of information control. This is also a difficult problem for businesses, especially in the context of today’s modern technology and multidimensional information.

Impacts of risks on business and production activities of enterprises

Overview of Vietnam's food and beverage industry in 2019

Food and Beverage industry has for many years been one of the most important economic sectors in Vietnam, which still has a lot of development potential. In terms of production value, this is the industry with the largest production value and the second largest total revenue among Vietnam's economic sectors. The industry is expected to continue to maintain strong growth momentum in 2020 with an average growth of 10.9% per year thanks to improved people's income and the trend of consuming higher value products. Demand for healthy foods and beverages will have positive changes in all segments accompanied by a shift to high-end food products in the future, promising growth opportunities for healthy food and beverage companies.

In a quick survey of enterprises in the industry conducted in September 2019, up to 66% of respondents were confident that they would experience high growth in revenue and profit in 2019. Only 27% of them were pessimistic, expecting growth rates below 10%; and 7% said that their business results would remain the same as 2018.

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