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Stocks that have hit the lowest all-time low

Stocks that have hit the lowest all-time low

Thursday 19, 03 2020
Several stocks have fallen to the lowest price zone in the last 2 years, creating the golden opportunity for value investors.

The stock exchange ended the 18th March session with a slight green color. Different from the expectation of many investors about a “boom” after multiple extreme decreasing days, the stock exchange has increased at a significantly slower speed and decreased at a rapid and severe one.

By the end of the 18th March 2020 session, many stocks have reached the bottom of an all-time price, even though they had many expectations for the future before the COVID-19 epidemic.


SAB closed the trading session on 18/3 at VND 136,000. This price is equivalent to the price offered at the stock exchange of the "king" of beer-wine-beverage. Within less than 3 months of the outbreak of Covid-19, the market price of SAB stock has "plummeted" from around 260,000 VND to the current level of 136,000 VND / share, which is nearly half the value.

With a fairly dense shareholder structure in which Thaibev's Vietnam Beverage holds nearly 54% of the capital at the purchase price of VND 320,000 / share, perhaps the saddest person in the Vietnamese stock market is this Thai billionaire because Thaibev has actually done a lot to restructure Sabeco, which has made Sabeco show better signs in recent years. However, moving to 2020, the issues coming from the Decree 100 and the subsequent COVID-19 epidemic are creating a double dilemma for Sabeco.

VCI-Viet Capital Securities

Listed on the stock exchange in 2017, the Viet Capital Securities was more or less enthusiastically received by investors because unlike the securities companies on the stock exchange at the beginning, VCI was quite silent and had a particular position. Having reached the price of over 80,000 VND (calculated based on the adjusted prices of dividends and bonus shares) in 2018, many investors have once become rich with the continuous price increase of VCI.

However, the continuous decline chain after the peak also gives investors a headache. The overall impact of the stock market during the period of COVID-19 has pushed VCI to below VND 20,000, which is less than a quarter of the value achieved two years earlier. Moreover, this stock has lost more than 35% of the value compared to the beginning of the year.

Stocks that have hit the lowest all-time low

BSR-Petrochemical Refinery Binh Son

Being a member of the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group which was assigned the responsibility to receive, manage and operate the Dung Quat oil refinery and business, playing a pioneering role and having been laying the foundation for the development of Vietnam's petrochemical industry since 2005, the equitization and listing of BSR in early 2018 has also attracted a lot of attention from investors. However, ever since the listing on the stock exchange, the BSR stock price has continuously decreased.

From the threshold of over 30,000 VND when it was first introduced on UpCOM, BSR is currently at only 6,500 VND / share, which is the lowest in history. At this price, BSR stock is trading far below the book value, and the BVR's current BV is about 11,000 VND / share. PVD-PVDrilling: With a book value of nearly VND 33,000 VND / share, despite being under double pressure from the world oil price dropping the lowest price in recent decades and the market impact from COVID-19, PVD still gets PVD was still actively caught by investors despite strong foreign selling.

Currently, PVD is at the lowest price in the listing history with VND 8,700 / share. Before COVID-19 happened, PVD was still trading at around VND 15,000 per share, but the dramatic decline in prices over the past few days has caused PVD to lose more than 40% of its value in less than 3 months. The liquidity of PVD shares these days has been higher than ever. In many sessions, PVD reached the liquidity of more than 5 million shares.


Being one of the good basic stocks with a stable business situation for many years, not to mention a strong increase last year, the decline in PC1 stock price due to the overall impact of the stock market in the last few days has surprised many investors. PC1 is only 11,700 VND / share, losing about 35% of the value from the beginning of the year. The current market price is only half of the book value.

QNS- Quang Ngai Sugar:

QNS is a well-known enterprise on the stock exchange due to its good profitability/capital rate, low debt, and good annual dividends compared to the common ground. Along with the general decline of the stock market, QNS, despite not being sold off massively like some other stocks, has been sold out for a long time, making the stock price currently only 22,500 dong - the lowest in history.

The stock market has many more stocks that have been pushed to the lowest prices in many years. Our article has just looked at a handful of typical stocks for investors who are looking for opportunities to have more information.

>> The stock market liquidity improves, stocks prices increase


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