When setting up a new company, there are many questions relating to head office address registration. What are the requirements for company's address? Does the owner need a residence registration at the establishment place for registering? VietnamCredit will summarize the requirements on registration of head office to answer any questions you may have before establishing a new company.

1/ Regulations on company's address 

The law stipulates that the head office address must be accurate, clear and legally under the lawful use of the enterprise.

The head office will be the company’s detailed contact address including house number, lane number, street name, ward name, district name, etc within Vietnam’s territory.

It is also the address that state agencies will send documentaries to. Companies need to ensure clear registration address so as not to be lost contact with the authorities.

Any changes of the head office will not change the rights and obligations of enterprise in relation to the contract, civil and corporate law.

2/ Conditions on head office

The head office must not be an apartment or communal house because these places are not functioned to be business office. Companies will face difficulties when the management office inspects. Besides, invoice for rental costs are not issued for accounting at balance sheet.

The head office should have a certificate of ownership to do legal procedures after the company is established, including issuing invoice, being inspected by management office, applying qualified operating license, ...

3/ Regulations on hanging the company name plate at the head office

According to the law, the company is obliged to attach its company name plate at the head office. 

Accordingly, any enterprise that violates this provision shall be sanctioned VND 10,000,000 to VND 15,000,000 or forced to dismantle following Clause 2, Article 32 of the Government's Decree No. 155/2013 / ND-CP stipulating sanctions against administrative violations in the field of planning and investment regulations.

Well-located head office is not only convenient for business operation but also helps the company have long-term stability. Changes in head office address means changes in business registration. Particularly, if the company moves from one district to another or even other province, they must certify tax obligations at the tax office which cost a lot of time and money.