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PR solutions for small enterprises

PR solutions for small enterprises

Wednesday 20, 05 2020
The role of public relations (PR) is becoming popular and gradually playing the role of representing the business image.

PR includes advertising, customer feedback, and branding for businesses.

For large businesses, the PR department is built separately and has a small voice in the company's strategy, but that is not the case in small businesses.

The following solutions will be a valuable suggestion for small businesses in coming up with their PR strategy:

Coordinate advertising and PR

No business would give up advertising products, even where the budget for advertising accounts for 30-40% of the operating costs. If there has not been a specialized PR department, businesses need to think about combining the PR and advertising departments.

The reason for this is because every day hundreds of ads come to consumers who are regular customers. Sometimes they receive indifference, but sometimes it is the information such as the message, campaign purpose, and corporate image from ordinary advertising that impresses the public. If advertising receives proper attention, it is very likely that your business has implemented the “invisible” PR methods which are also very effective.

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Hire a firm or do it yourself?

Nowadays, the number of private media companies providing PR services to businesses is increasing, which is an appropriate option when your business is really unable to control and run the activities involving community interaction. However, it is vital to remember that the public is increasingly fastidious and smarter. PR activities are now being carried out too much that they start to become familiar, so doing the PR yourself can bring a fresh color to the business.

One term that has been mentioned a lot in the past is "Guerrilla PR”. It is understood that the enterprise itself will produce PR products such as press releases, stories, events, etc. then take advantage of all media and newspapers for "distribution". At first, it will be difficult because the journalists or TV stations may not care about you, but a "wide area" attack will attract significant attention, especially when businesses portray the difference in their products. The credibility will increase gradually and the media will come to you later.

PR solutions for small enterprises

PR from within the business

Many people despise internal PR because they think it is not beneficial, however, in the context of the limited scale, the PR from within the business is quite effective and economical. In order to do this, the owner of small business needs to gather a report on the establishment of the company, a brief description of the process of establishment and development of the company, and some other information about the business situation, then design them electronically with the company’s logo, edit them into internal products, then deliver them to every employee, possibly via email.

The internal PR products will also be delivered to outside media through the personal relationships of employees. Thus, information about the company is guaranteed to be delivered to the necessary ones, and consequently, the reputation of the business will be pushed up from both inside and outside.

It is advised to note that you should only put the most valuable information about your company in the newspaper and to a certain extent, which is just enough for readers to recognize and understand your brand. Cramming in too much unnecessary information will interfere with the recipient's ability to see and evaluate the products themselves.

Finally, small businesses should not be too worried about and put pressure on excessive PR activities. Depending on the time and situation, the PR activities will take on different roles. However, it is important and indispensable that businesses should quickly find a "skillful news creator" – who is enthusiastic about the job.


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