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More big companies invest in agriculture

More "big companies" invest in agriculture

Thursday 27, 08 2020
In 2019, there were 17 projects investing in agriculture with a total investment of over VND 20,000 billion inaugurated, many chains of linkage between producers and enterprises and cooperatives were formed and developed. Many "big companies" such as Masan, Thaco ... have invested in agriculture.

Nearly 12,600 agricultural enterprises

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, 6 new cooperative cooperatives and 1,800 agricultural cooperatives were established in 2019, bringing the total to 45 agricultural cooperative associations and 15,300 agricultural cooperatives across the country.

In particular, nearly 73% of cooperatives operate effectively (55% in 2018), the percentage of cooperatives participating in agricultural product consumption services for cooperative members increased from less than 10% previously to 24.5%.

The country has 36,000 farms under the new criteria, an increase of 500 farms compared to 2018. Farms are increasingly using more land, labor and producing large amounts of agricultural products; organization of chain production, large-scale cooperation and cooperation continue to be replicated in many fields and localities.

Nearly 12,600 agricultural enterprises

Especially, in the past year, the force of agricultural enterprises continued to grow strongly. In 2019, the country newly established over 2,750 enterprises, an increase of 25% compared to 2018, bringing the total number of enterprises directly investing in agriculture to nearly 12,600 enterprises, up 36%.

Notably, agriculture, forestry, and fishery are some of the areas with the number of businesses returning to operation significantly higher than the number of suspensions.

In addition to the investment and development of small and medium-sized enterprises, a number of large corporations and businesses have expanded their investments in agriculture, especially high-tech applied agriculture, such as TH, Vinamilk, and Dong Giao, Nafoods, Dabaco, Masan, Lavifood, Ba Huan, Bien Dong ...

Along with the effect of many policies to encourage investment in agriculture and rural areas; the processing industry, preserving agricultural products, and supporting industries have been strengthened, some large economic groups have focused on investing in deep processing.

In 2019, 17 projects with a total investment of over VND 20,000 billion were inaugurated and put into operation. From 2018 to now, the total investment capital of over VND 33,000 billion with 30 projects has been operating and being implemented across the country, helping to improve the quality, design, and variety of agricultural, forestry and aquatic products.

One of the "blockbuster" entrepreneurs in the merger and acquisition recently, Mr. Nguyen Dang Quang, Chairman of Masan Group, said that Masan was a pioneer in investing in the application of advanced technology in the world, completing the 3F closed agriculture chain "from farm to fork" into the integrated value chain.

According to Mr. Quang, owning the first meat processing plant - the first and only MEATDeli- brand in Vietnam, Masan has realized the "clean meat dream", serving Vietnamese consumers, giving them the right to eat delicious meat, meeting international standards at affordable prices.

Masan Group is one of 5 organizations and individuals awarded the Prime Minister's certificate of merit for outstanding contributions to the agricultural sector in 2019.

In addition to MEAT Ha Nam processing complex - the first and only unit in Vietnam so far to be certified with BRC Global Standard in the field of fresh meat processing, Masan is urgently building the second processing group in Long An province and is expected to put it into operation in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Especially, according to Mr. Quang, after merging VinCommerce into the Group, Masan has created the largest retail platform in Vietnam, which is expected to be 2,888 supermarkets and Vinmart stores, Vinmart +, by the end of 2019 in 58 cities and provinces across the country.

This system will serve consumers quickly, anytime, anywhere, diversifying products. At the same time, create a level playing field and opportunities for Vietnamese businesses, cooperatives and farmer households to access consumers, provided that they meet the standards for goods quality.

At the same time, through the merger of VinEco, Masan has acquired a system of 14 high-tech farms, producing quality agricultural products besides Masan's pig farm system.

This is a strategic step of Masan when perfecting the farming and husbandry ecosystem, as well as demonstrating the mission "to devote all our heart" to Vietnam's agriculture.

Increase multiple link chains

In 2019, along with attracting investment in the agricultural sector, the number of link chains and scientific and technical applications in agricultural production also increased significantly.

Last year, nearly 1,484 chains of production, processing, and consumption of agricultural products were established and operated stably, an increase of 388 chains compared to 2018, with 2,374 products (an increase of 948 products) with 3,267 locations for the sale of the chain's agricultural products (an increase of 93 locations).

Dong Giao Export Food Joint Stock Company (DOVECO) put into operation the most modern vegetable processing center in Vietnam with a total investment of about VND 300 billion, one of the highlights of the agricultural sector in 2019.

Initially, they have started to build chains to link a number of key products on a regional scale, such as High-quality three-level pangasius linkages in the Mekong Delta region; a chain of afforestation, processing, and export of forest products; Chain of rice with thousands of rice farmers in the Mekong Delta.

At the same time, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has carried out synchronously many measures to encourage and promote research and application of science and technology, creating three axes of quality products and food safety.

Up to now, many synchronous solutions have been implemented in three product axes: The national key product group, the provincial key product group, and the local product group (OCOP), creating quality agricultural products and food safety to meet domestic and export demands.

Many key national and provincial products with high levels of science and technology are applied from seed production, farming, and processing such as shrimp, catfish, wooden products, etc. Many farming areas, many factories processing high-tech products have come into operation and are promoting efficiency.

Noting, in the OCOP product group, combining tradition with the application of science and technology diverse, rich, quality, beautiful packaging design, traceability.

At the national level, up to now, there have been 3 hi-tech agricultural zones established by the Prime Minister (Hau Giang, Phu Yen and Bac Lieu) and 8 other areas in the process of finalizing the project.

At the local level, there are 9 agriculture areas applying high technology for aquaculture, growing flowers, rice, bananas which are recognized by the locality; 124 hi-tech agricultural production zones invested by enterprises were established by provincial People's Committees. Currently, there are 45 agricultural enterprises nationwide which are recognized as high-tech agricultural enterprises .

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