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50 leading brands in 2019

50 leading brands in 2019

Friday 18, 10 2019
Forbes Vietnam announced the 50 most valuable Vietnamese brands in 2019, categorizing by business areas.
In the fourth ranking, the total value of 50 leading brands of Vietnam reached 9.3 billion USD, up 1.2 billion USD comparing to the third-ranking. The top 10 leading brands include familiar names: Vinamilk, Viettel, Sabeco, Vinhomes, Masan Consumer, MobiFone, VinaPhone, Vietcombank, FPT, and Vincom Retail. 

Vinamilk continues to lead the list with a brand value of more than 2.2 billion USD, followed by Viettel with a value of more than 2.1 billion USD. This is the two brands with much higher values than the remaining brands on the list. Moreover, Viettel is also the brand with the highest value increasing rate in the ranking list, from 1.397 billion USD last year to 2.163 billion USD this year. 

According to the statistics of Forbes Vietnam, there are 20 Vietnamese company brands with a value of more than 100 million USD.

In terms of business areas, the food and beverage industry has 10 representatives, accounting for the largest proportion in terms of quantity. Agriculture assistance, securities, tourism, and accommodation industries only have one representative each. Consuming goods, banking, telecommunication, real estate, retail account for a high proportion in terms of the value. 

Comparing to the 2018 list, the list this year expands from 40 brands to 50 brands to be suitable for the development of companies and the economy. 
Even though the calculation method is the same, the list is arranged by business areas, whereby, after being arranged, the most valuable brands of each area will be selected downwards. 

Instead of arranging the list in the order from the highest to the lowest values, as usual, the selection of the most valuable representative of each area makes the list richer in number, more diverse in the areas, reflecting the characteristics of each industry.

In terms of methods, Forbes Vietnam made use of the evaluation method of Forbes America, calculating the role of the brands in the contribution to the business effectiveness of the companies. The most valuable brands are those with the highest revenue in their areas, with the brands playing a vital role. 
After forming the preliminary list of more than 100 companies with strong brands, products with high coverage and popularity among consumers, Forbes Vietnam calculated the income before tax and loan interest, then determined the contributing value of intangible assets. 

The companies statistics collection was based on the financial reports of the companies. Some companies that hadn’t listed agreed to provide the financial data and some were accredited by Forbes Vietnam via the calculations of private and reliable sources. The quantitative calculation process was supported by the Ban Viet Securities Company. 

The income earned by a company’s brand is determined by the value of the contribution of intangible assets after the company’s income tax has been applied and is distributed according to the level of brand contribution in each industry. 

The final brand values are determined based on the regional industry’s average P/E index (the ratio between the market price and income per share). With unlisted companies, we applied the method of comparing them with other listed companies in the same area and with the same scale to identify the brands’ values. 

Because the calculation method is required to be based on financial data, we do not have sufficient basis to determine the brand value of some large state-owned companies that do not publish financial figures or large private companies that do not cooperate in providing data.
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