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What workers need to do to overcome the COVID-19 crisis

What workers need to do to overcome the COVID-19 crisis

Wednesday 15, 04 2020
From the perspective of a leader, this moment is an opportunity to restructure operations and build internal connections to prepare for a new start in the future.

So far, the COVID-19 epidemic has caused many companies to "struggle" to maintain the operation of the entire business. However, from the perspective of a leader, this time is an opportunity to restructure operations and build internal connections to prepare for a new start in the future.

First, people need to choose an optimistic way of thinking, even though it sounds clichéd and impossible during everyone's crisis. That's could be an opportunity to prove oneself to be a pioneer who can take this rare "opportunity" wisely.

Having optimistic thinking, of course, does not mean that victory will immediately show itself. Companies must still adapt to the present and find new development solutions, and employees also need to be familiar with many changes in the business.

However, provided that everyone accepts the challenge, overcoming it will be a piece of cake. “Hope is very important. It makes the present less harsh. If we hope that tomorrow will be better, we will endure today's hardships”- said Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.

Thus, to be able to see the "light at the end of the tunnel," people must reinforce and rebuild themselves to be strong enough to cross the rocky path in this "dark tunnel".

Doubling the sympathy

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many workers are facing unspeakable challenges and difficulties as salaries and wages are gradually being reduced while food and foodstuff prices are still rising.

For those with children, there is an extra burden to keep them alone at home due to school closures. For these reasons, it is advised that people need to empathize with each other like never before.

Entering the tunnel, there will be extremely bumpy sections. When these appear, some courageous people will be able to reassure everybody, some people will only be able to calm themselves, but inevitably many people will have negative emotions or get panic.

It is ill-advised to prejudice or criticize those with "weaker" moods. Instead, the best thing to do at the moment is to help each other to overcome these difficult times. If we can sense the mutual concern between people, we will be able to create a tremendous spiritual strength to help each other.

Maintaining communication habits in the workplace

Although it may be difficult for some people to work directly in their office at the moment, there are still measures for people to avoid being affected by this, preventing them from maintaining interesting office activities.

Having a cup of morning coffee or chatting during lunch without being next to each other are not difficult tasks nowadays thanks to the advantages of the online video call. Hearing voices from colleagues may make people feel more reassured and motivated when doing their work.

For managers, it is recommended that they should not let the meeting take place and end with just topics related to work only. They could ask other people about their experience during the quarantine, about the difficulties and advantages of working from home, etc. Social interaction with each other is the essential needs of each of us.

What workers need to do to overcome the COVID-19 crisis

The "spiritual" leader can be anyone

If a team leader is only professional in terms of expertise but not skilled in the ability to connect the emotions of the employees, other people in the group are advised to become a "leader" mentally, provided that they are confident enough.

Becoming a "light" illuminating the direction along with the leader leading the direction is one of the most effective things to do to overcome the current situation. Moreover, as anyone can become who they want to be, it is never too late to "wake up" and develop your leadership, especially in the 4.0 era when access to knowledge is easier than ever. You can completely learn from traditional books, information on the internet and countless interview videos on YouTube.

Ideas can come from anywhere

Not only during the COVID-19 crisis, but the world economic history has also long witnessed the continuous transformation of thousands of businesses and the potential bankruptcies of those which refused to do so.

Facing the COVID-19 epidemic, all businesses are even more forced to change and adapt to the "new rules". The simplest way to find solutions for your business is to encourage and listen to each member's initiatives.

Each person who contributes "a brick" will soon help build a "road" for the future. The solution may stem from the question: "What can we do to overcome this difficulty? What is the simplest, the most successful, and the least costly way?".

Certainly, the answers given might be quite messy and unrealistic, but it is not recommended to rush to refute or deny anyone. With all the ideas and improvements made by asking questions, people will soon see a hopeful "picture". One important thing people need to remember is to never give up!

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