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Tuesday 07, 04 2020
The Company Report also has some appendixes which give basic indexes of the Vietnamese economy in recent years.
The slogan written in the Company Report of Vietnam Credit is extracted from the Art of War of Sun Tzu. It says "Know thy self, know the enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories"

Vietnam Credit provides several different products of which the "Company Report" being the main one. The Company Report is a synthesis in many aspects with a lot of key data about the value of a company. It consists of both raw and analyzed financial and non-financial information. The Company Report indicates important comments on the " insolvency status" of a company and provides suggestions about the "credit limit" for that company.

What does the Vietnam Credit report consist of? 

A full report from the Vietnam Credit Company has 10 sections and is 15-20 pages long, depending on the depth and the length of the information. The report includes information about the targeted company, such as the company profile; the legal records; the locations; the changes which the company has gone through in its history; the Board of Management and Directors, the affiliated company and shared ownership, the operation status; the position within the industry; the litigation and legal records (if any). 


Moreover, a more important factor of the Company Report is financial records. Normally, Vietnam Credit provides both the raw and analyzed information, in which the groups of the liquidity index, the operating index, the leverage index, and the benefit index are analyzed thoroughly based on at least 3 (or 5) consecutive fiscal years. 

Vietnam Credit puts on the 1st page of the report a brief so the customers can realize the health of the company immediately. Besides the main data and items about the company, Vietnam Credit also supplies the company ownership structure, the correlation of that enterprise in the economic sector, and the comparison between the company to others to accurately evaluate the true value of the company. 

The Company Report also has some appendixes which give basic indexes of the Vietnamese economy in recent years. The GDP index, the CPI index, the FDI investment situation, and other macroeconomic indexes are updated in detail, allowing the customers to have access to a more completed vision of the Vietnamese economy before going into detail about the targeted company. 

What are the functions of the Vietnam Credit Company Report? 

The Vietnam Credit report is the portrait of a company, which was not originally taken with a camera, but instead, it includes sketches created with the talent of the artist. It reflects the object correctly but is not exactly about it. Instead of holding just the flesh and the bones of the company which are often molded, it holds the soul and the core of that company. 

The company painting proposed by Vietnam Credit has two clear purposes which are supporting our customers in risk reduction and trade enabling. A handful of people still consider these purposes contradictory, or in other words, they consider each one of them to be on either end of a seesaw. They think that the more you do, the more mistake you make and if you do nothing, you will not make any mistake; therefore, the more trade you do, the higher the risk becomes. 

However, there is another principle including a straight line lying in the center of the development of both ends: not only does it helps you reduce risk but it also helps you enable trade. The further your trade grows; the more risk you can mitigate. That straight line represents information. 

The more up-to-date information you have, the more accurate the decisions you are going to make. Simultaneously, when you have information, you will learn to eliminate risky trade deals and to choose the safe ones lying beside them to conduct business. 

Points that need to be taken into account regarding Company Report

The factor that worries many investors the most is the untrustworthy financial reports of the Vietnamese Companies. Honestly speaking, a lot of Vietnamese companies have 2 or even 3 accounting books. Therefore, if we look at a Tax Financial Report (to pay taxes), the numbers are going to be different from those of a Bank Financial Report (for having a loan). 


However, thanks to years of experience in working on an "overall" perspective of a company, the experts from Vietnam Credit will be able to see the financial reports that best reflect the "health" situation of a company to have comments on the "credibility" of each type of report. 

Regarding the evaluation methods, Vietnam Credit will propose different weights & ratios for different files and different companies to gain the most practical conclusions. The companies are divided into 5 types: super small, small, medium scale, large, and super large based on the Tangible Net Worth (TNW). 

Besides, the report specifies whether the company is listed or not, whether it is an FDI company or a domestic one, whether it is a capital-focused company or a personnel-focused one, and whether it is a large stock company or family-owned one, etc. 

The invention of numbers is one of the greatest inventions in the world. The numbers themselves are wonders. Therefore, despite being usually transformed complicatedly, the truth can still be revealed thanks to the numbers. The numbers speak. The analysts of Vietnam Credit work on numbers daily so they have developed a tendency to look for the truth behind the numbers. 

And once you have continuously worked for decades on hundreds of different financial files on Vietnamese Companies, the numbers themselves are going to reveal their nature and the experts are going to be able to give the deepest comment or feeling. 

In this daily-changing world, as hundreds of thousands of companies are being born, there are also tens of thousands of companies that are rapidly disappearing. As millions of businessmen are trying their best to become better and more honest every day, there are also thousands of people who are becoming worse daily. They find a way to snatch and to fool other people, and then they purposely disappear, and together with them are the doubtful debts.

Hence, attaining information is becoming more vital and necessary than ever. Remember to always ask yourself the question "How is your business partner?" and Vietnam Credit will provide you with a firm document that will surely be your helpful reference. 

How is the Vietnam Credit Company Report provided? 

Vietnam Credit provides the Company Reports by email or download directly from website. Different types of reports are for different customers. In case you need a Company Report, kindly log in to the website, pay and download. You can send us an email to the address: [email protected]. You need to state the name of the company that you need us to investigate, the type of the report (Comprehensive, Standard or Simple) and the deadline. Vietnam Credit employees will contact you for further discussion in detail. 

Please access our website at to look for the company that you need us to investigate then the report will be sent to you in time.

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Written by Alice Hoang Le – Vietnam Credit

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