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VHHE Promotes The Mechanical Industry

VHHE Promotes The Mechanical Industry

Tuesday 24, 12 2019
With 350 domestic and international enterprises participating, the International Hardware & Hand Tools Expo (VHHE) within Vietnam Expo 2019, will take place from 4 to 7-12 -2019 in Ho Chi Minh City, which is expected to contribute to the development of Vietnam's mechanical engineering industry

The Assistance Commitment From The Government

At the recent Convention on the methods to promote the mechanical industry in Vietnam, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has confirmed the determination of the Government to promote the development of the mechanical industry with a “life-giving” Decree, including central supporting mechanics such as the low-interest credit capital, landscape, market development, and labor training, etc.

The analysts consider this as an important basis for enterprises to invest and promote the national
manufacturing industry development. This is even more meaningful in the context of Vietnam promoting the national industrialization and modernization, as well as the in-depth international integration. This is because the mechanical industry is considered the backbone of the economy, as well as the foundation and the dynamic supporting the other industries’ development. However, currently, there is still a lack of leading enterprises in this industry, as well as a lack of powerful labor force. Moreover, the competency of the existing enterprises is still low, the production costs remain relatively high, the technological level, as well as the production machinery, remain outdated, the added value remains low, and the number of enterprises that can take part in the national supply chain remains low, etc.

In fact, in many countries, building and developing the mechanical industry are not the responsibilities of enterprises alone, as there are still the needs of the Government’s assistance through the policy system. With the assistance confirmation of the Prime Minister, it is hoped that in the future, this industry will have more growth potentials.

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The Push From VHHE

The commercial promotion assistance for this industry is considered crucial by analysts, as this is the channel for enterprises to update their technology and trend; to approach buyers; as well as to become the suppliers in the domestic and international supply chain. In which, the Vietnam Hardware & Hand Tools Exhibition – VHHE is a supplying event in many fields ranging from manufacturing, production, repair, assembling, construction, to private DIY. It has been becoming a commercial promotion and technological update of mechanical enterprises. After 3 exhibitions with more than 2000 professional enterprises, which are exhibitors in the data system of the organizer – Vinexad.

According to
Vinexad this year’s exhibition consists of many credible international brands, thus attracting investors, technological exchange, and the global supply chain construction cooperation. Particularly, from successful transactions from previous years’ exhibitions, VHHE 2019 currently has 350 enterprises coming from 20 countries and regions, 400 stalls, up 30% compared to 2018. With the participation of major brands such as Wera, CSPS, Makita, Onishi, Tolsen, Mike, Pata, Speedy, Wedo, Nikawa, Ronix, etc. Vinexad believes that this year’s exhibition will create a good environment, promote domestic brands, facilitate export development, and stimulate higher domestic goods’ consuming.

Notably, the 4.0 industrial revolution and the global supply chain are keys concepts mentioned in many mechanical industry development models. In which, the downstream industry, including household mechanics and appliances, is a huge segment, including: tools in the industries:
electricity - pneumatic - maintenance, repair - grinding - polishing materials - cutting - welding; metal construction and DIY; production equipment and machinery; reinforced components: bolts and screws of all kinds - rivets - mechanical springs, etc. These are also main product groups in VHHE 2019.

“With a long experience of being organizers with an in-depth foundation and date, we focus on creating the multidimensional connections from that system. Major partners from markets such as India, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, China, etc. will be the bridge bringing brands to Vietnam and heating up the domestic market”, said the representative of the Organizer Committee Nguyen Hong Nhung. She also said: “Through the exhibition channel, there have been many international customers that have found potential Vietnamese partners and vice versa. This is our motivation to continue to pursue and better our commercial promotion role”.

With the ability to link industry associations at home and abroad, the international and domestic press system promotes a Vietnam with many "attractive points", many "business opportunities" and many "potential customers”, Vinexad believes that the 2019 HTXX will bring more value and more success. The organizers expect a 30% increase in visitors from the previous year (13,056 visitors in 2018).


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