The Conference of Trade Counselor on February 7, 2018 took place as Vietnam import and export has reached many outstanding achievements. The meeting was attended by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, trade counselors in 63 market sectors and related ministries, industry associations and representatives of major exporters.

The PM highly appreciated the contribution of the trade counselors to the development of the country including such record as 2017’s 425-billion-USD trade turnover and 214-billion-USD export turnover. The macroeconomic indicators are better, benefiting investors and exporters.

According to the PM, Trade Offices should concentrate on proposing solutions to make full use of FTA to bring Vietnamese goods to the local market as well as mobilize local enterprises to cooperate with Vietnamese enterprises; to support Vietnamese businesses to avoid risks and gain opportunities; to coordinate with one another in settling problems arising in the course of implementing the FTA. Work with the trade management ministries and agencies of the host countries so that the two parties can early warn each other of potential trade disputes so that measures can be taken to minimize trade disputes.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc emphasized "no passively wait for the businesses but actively work with local partners to get information ...."
With a continuously updated information database and a global network, VietnamCredit is proud to be able to stand side by side with Vietnam’s Trade Offices in foreign countries to assist Vietnamese importers and exporters in market research and valuation, and to minimize trade risks.

2018 will be a major turning point in Vietnam's economy with a series of bilateral and multilateral trade agreements entering into force. VietnamCredit is committed to continuing to promote its role in supporting Vietnamese enterprises, especially in the field of providing domestic and foreign business information, providing industry reports that contribute to transparency of the market, enterprises as well as international commercial relationships, avoiding undue risks or losing opportunities for businesses.