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How do businesses retain talent at the company?

How do businesses retain talent at the company?

Thursday 06, 08 2020
The talented people always want to have a good remuneration, worthy of what they bring to the company. So, what do entrepreneurs need to do to make talented people feel secure to make a lasting contribution to their companies?

I. Building appropriate welfare regimes

To retain talent in the business requires a friendly business environment, taking care of employee life. Find out what businesses can do to help you improve the working environment and help of difficult employees.

Build forums where employees can contribute to the business and improve the business environment. In addition, regimes such as visiting sick employees, organizing birthday, sports activities after work, ... also make a difference in the organization, helping employees feel valued.

Build forums where employees can contribute to the business and improve the business environment.

Welfare regimes are always respected in Vietnam. Therefore, businesses need to focus on building appropriate regimes, ensuring benefits for employees. The working mode is the key to retain talent in the best business.

Only when talented people consider the business as a family and enjoy the best care regimes, they can attach themselves fully to the job. Therefore, asking employees and taking care of their employees' lives is an important method to retain talents in their businesses.

II. Praised excellent employees

Currently, many companies choose the form of upholding excellent employee examples. Rewarding them is also a way to build a corporate culture. They set up board tables in the meeting room to promote employees with excellent performance. At companies like Mars, L’Oréal, and Samsung, ... have successfully applied the recognition of outstanding individuals.

Employees are an important element of the organization. Therefore, let your role models become valuable assets of the company, praised as an integral part of your business. Do not forget to share these excellent examples on company websites, social networking sites with many followers to retain talent in the business.

III. Praise the successes

Rewarding is an important key to improving the success and capacity of employees. Establishing reward regimes in corporate culture will promote employee dedication and help retain talent. Positive success stories will be quickly spread widely within and outside the organization. Entrepreneurs with recognition of their competence will be encouraged to contribute to the business better.

Rewarding is an important key to improving the success and capacity of employees.

Recognizing achievements or rewards is not necessarily equal to great gifts. Demonstrate sincerity to talent in the business through small but sincere actions. Regularly rewarding is a way to improve achievements and for colleagues to follow, build a business environment for everyone to progress.

Human resource work, through assessments from business leaders, should be monitored for employee productivity and efficiency. Make sure they love their work. Talent retention is only effective when they see the right working environment, opportunities for promotion, and recognition of competence. Rotating personnel and tasks in the process of working is also an effective way to retain talents in the business.

IV. Develop flexible schedules

To increase productivity as well as the relationship between leadership and personnel is to build a flexible and appropriate working regime. Certainly, no senior staff wants to work in an environment with a tight schedule, lack of creativity. This poses a challenge for the internal enterprise to build the most appropriate and flexible working model.

Unlike many Korean companies, the schedule at Samsung is very different. All will start working at 7 am and end work at 4 pm. This is a flexible way to work so employees can spend more time with their families and other leisure activities.

In addition, employees also have a certain amount of time to attend training courses to improve skills from the group without being affected by working time. This is the strategy to retain talent in the business only Samsung can have.

However, this does not mean being too loose about being on time or managing employees. The key thing that Vietnamese businesses need to focus on building performance evaluation through performance rather than overtime. This is the orientation chosen by many businesses to recruit and retain talents.

V. Training helps attract and retain talents

Business talent often chooses high-paying jobs and they are promoted and promoted. Therefore, businesses now need to pay more attention to training to build the strongest human resources. Businesses often choose forms of training to retain talents such as capacity building organizations within the enterprise with the support of full experts or sending talents to study in the country's training programs. out.

Depending on the different job requirements as well as the capacity of employees, businesses choose professional training or soft skills. Where the skills are essential for all business members, the company will organize employee-specific courses. In contrast, with the talent in the business, the company will often choose the form of sending students to prestigious training institutions around the world.

In order to encourage employees to improve their contribution to businesses, many companies use the regime of rewarding employees through training programs and training abroad. It is this that helps retain the talent in the business and gives them the opportunity to study better, improve their knowledge of building and developing businesses.

Retaining talents in businesses is a difficult problem for many businesses today. This is an urgent work that needs to be done quickly to enhance quality and competitiveness in the era of technology 4.0.

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