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10 most prestigious technology companies in Vietnam in 2018

10 most prestigious technology companies in Vietnam in 2018

Monday 21, 10 2019
In the multifaceted society today, the role of technology is relatively important and it gives to people the convenience, quickness and to make them improve day by day. Along the parallel development of the state-of-art technology, people gets their
In the multifaceted society today, the role of technology is relatively important and it gives to people the convenience, quickness and to make them improve day by day. Along the parallel development of the state-of-art technology, people gets their mind brighter and reaches to the higher purposes of studying, working and right in the daily life. Have you ever wondered of the developing history of technology? And which companies are listed up in this top? Let VietnamCredit give you a look on it!
  1. FPT Information System Co., Ltd

During more than 24 years of development, FPT IS has been one of the leading system integrators in Vietnam and the region. Demonstrating technical capabilities attested to by customers and partners worldwide, FPT IS offers solutions and services of key industries of the countries they operate in, including: telecommunications, the public sector, banking – finance, healthcare, transportation, energy, media and enterprises.
  1. CMC System Integration Co., Ltd

CMC is one of the leading technology groups in Vietnam with 25 years of establishment and development. Being organized following the model of parent-member Company with 12 members operating throughout Vietnam and many countries in the world, CMC has confirmed its position in domestic market and moved to regional and international markets through key business activities such as: system integration, software service, telecommunication - Internet, Production and distribution of ICT products and e-trade. In Vietnam, CMC Group is known as a prestigious and reliable partner in IT projects related to government, education, tax, customs, insurance, electricity, banking, finance...
  1. Joint Stock Company For Telecoms And Informatics

CTIN is the first enterprise to develop projects of mobile networks in Vietnam. As the first ranked company in Vietnam with the biggest market share in services of construction and installation, integrated infrastructure of mobile network for the largest GSM developers of Vinaphone, Mobifone; the company is ranked in SI TOP by Cisco for network facility provider for Telecommunication Market. CTIN provides various ranges of products and services, meeting diversified demand of customers such as: Package service of design, installation transmission devices for Vinaphone and Mobiphone; Deploying services of 2G/3G/4G networks; MAN-Ethernet network for provincial and city VNPT stations; IP Core system, IP backbone, NGN, mobile wave coverage solutions for buildings; enterprise management software; solutions for charging and customer care; automation solution for smart buildings, etc. CTIN is an entity successfully attracting qualified human resources.
  1. Misa Joint Stock Company

Over 20 years of formation and development pass, Misa has 01 Head Quarter, 01 software developing center, 01 customer service center, 05 representative offices at: Ha Noi, Da Nang, Buon Ma Thuot, Ho Chi Minh, Can Tho. More than 179.000 enterprise customers and 1 million individual customers, MISA has been becoming the lifelong friends of the firm association as well as state-own organs and individuals. By carrying out, promoting the products in 05 representative offices, MISA aims to make the products become popular in 63 provinces.
  1. HPT Vietnam Corporation

Thoroughly understand and transfer advanced information and communication technologies to customers, for customers’ and HPT’s development as well as for Vietnam’s prosperity. HPT strives to become a modern and civilized organization with the ability of strong and sustainable development, success and prosperity. We hope to be the pride of Vietnam in globalization integration; to be an environment for talents to develop; and to be one of leading ICT company in Vietnam. HPT is focusing on System Integration, System Integration Services, Software Integration, Software Outsourcing, Cloud Computing.
  1. ELCOM

Electronics Communications Technology Investment Development Joint Stock Company (ELCOM) was founded on December 15th 1995. Elcom is now the leading provider of software and system integration products for telecommunications service providers, full turn-key solutions and engineering services for telecommunications and security fields, as well as a strong distributor of system integration for worldwide partners. ELCOM always follows the model of development: Technology - Products - Service: Technology is considered as the core factor to create new products that perfectly meet the market demands, thereby providing compatible services. ELCOM products are the combination of many technologies in many different areas such as information technology, telecommunication technology, electronics technology.... which make the products very unique, specific and diversified in technology.
  1. Sao Bac Dau Technology Service Joint Stock Company

Established in 1996, Sao Bac Dau has been recognized as one of the top System Integrators in Vietnam. Sao Bac Dau is continuously improving our quality of services and the state of art diversified solutions to our customers from different businesses. They are specialized in providing IT and telecom system integration services, providing software development and outsourcing services, providing IT infrastructure services, providing data center services, providing IT and telecom infrastructure for high-rise buildings and new urban centers.
  1. VNPT Technology

VNPT Technology was established on 06/01/2011 with a charter capital of VND 500 billion and is operated as a joint stock company. VNPT Technology is owning and continuing to develop professionals team who are mature from the beginning days of the digitized telecommunications network age, together with the technical infrastructure which is accumulated from the joint ventures, the Company has gradually affirmed its pioneer position and role in research, development and manufacture of electronic equipment, Telecommunications and Information technology. VNPT Technology is considered as one of the four pillars and the driving force of VNPT Group, in the field of Industrial Technology, Post and Telecommunications industry, Information Technology, Communication and Digital content industry.
  1. HiPT Group Joint Stock Company

Founded in 1994 with 14 founding members, over 20 years of construction and development, HiPT is one of the leading IT companies in Vietnam. Continuing to appear in the list of leading IT companies in Vietnam, HiPT is proud to provide the IT products, solutions and services in order to bring into full play the efficiency and bring the most practical value to their customers, partners, shareholders, companies as well as for HiPT members. On the development roadmap, HiPT owns the superior IT solutions developed by nearly 300 dedicated, skilled members.
  1. Tinh Van Technologies Joint Stock Company

Founded in 1994 as a Netlab, Tinh Van Technologies JSC has been through 14 years of growth and development. With the passionate and united management team, Tinh Van has always been recognized as one of the leading names in the IT field, especially the areas of software and digital content of Vietnam. With 03 founding members at its early time, Tinh Van Group has now 6 member companies and 6 branches in HCMC, Da Nang and Japan, with the total number of more than 500 well-trained employees. Fields of operations: Software Development, Software Outsourcing, IT and Consulting Services, Digital Media and Mobile Marketing.

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