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What is a Debt Collection Service?

Are you having difficulties getting your invoices paid? You are in the right place. In addition to credit rating, we also offer collection services for commercial debts or overdue payments. Once we are authorized, we will be in close touch with your debtors via different communication channels such as negotiation, legal proceedings, etc. With 22 years of experience in business information, our collection process is compelled by data. Thus, your debtors will be demanded for payment via the method of their choice, which results in effective collection.
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Debt Collection Procedures

Request handling

Request handling

Constant reminders in forms of letters, phone calls, and emails to increase the pressure on your debtors. (These payment requests are made in a tactful manner, therefore, we ensure that your company's reputation will never be harmed).
Debtor‘s Data Collection

Debtor‘s Data Collection

Debtor credit report including payment and litigation records, ownership and asset information, etc. shall be established. Direct debtor investigation is also carried out. 
Debt Appraisal

Debt Appraisal

Proper collection method shall be proposed on the basis of debtor information and non-payment analysis. 
Propose Collection Approach

Propose Collection Approach

As for the debts unrecoverable through negotiation or amicable settlement, legal actions shall be taken.

Legal collection

Amicable collection

Why our Debt Collection Service

Thorough Debt Investigation
Thorough Debt Investigation
Effective recovery starts with close investigation. Your debtors will be thoroughly and confidentially investigated by our professional staff
No Cure, No Pay
No Cure, No Pay
We offer debt collection services on the customer-friendly "no cure, no pay" basis. We do not charge any disbursements. Clients will pay the agreed percentage of the amount we recover.
Accurate Debt Classification
Accurate Debt Classification
We analyze debtors' insights to classify debts (recoverable debts and bad debts) and offer you the most effective collection solutions

Our Archivement

Unsucessful Close
Amicable Actions
Legal Actions
Preserved Relationships

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