Vietnam’s Electronics Industry Report

Vietnam’s Electronics Industry Report

Thursday / 20.09

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Young as it may seem, Vietnam's Electronics Industry has had a tremendous growth rate in recent years and is playing an increasingly important role in Vietnam's economic growth and export growth. With the policies of attracting FDI, especially high-tech FDI, FDI inflow into this field has been growing strongly, with a number of projects of major electronic corporations such as Samsung, Microsoft, Intel, Canon, Foxconn, LG, Panasonic, etc ...

FDI enterprises are the main driving force for the export of electronic products of Vietnam, however, these enterprises mainly import components from foreign countries and then assemble them in Vietnam. The main reason is that Vietnam's supporting industries are still weak, Vietnamese enterprises are not qualified enough to become suppliers of these FDI enterprises.

Highlights of Vietnam’s Electronics Industry:

- Since 2015, Vietnam has become the 12th largest exporter of electronics in the world and the third largest in ASEAN
- 95% of export turnover of electronics is from FDI enterprises
- Of the total electronic output of Vietnam, consumer electronics accounted for 80%, the rest are specialized electronic products
- 77% of the value of electronic product are imported
- In 2017, the total export turnover of electronic products and household appliances reached $ 61.8 billion, an increase of 30% over 2016 and accounted for 28.9% of national total export turnover.
- Export turnover of mobile phones and components in 2017 reached $45.27 billion
- Ecommerce is growing strongly, becoming one of the vital retail channels
- Electronic retailers has faced increasing competition and tend to expand to other retail sectors, for example pharmaceutical distribution and retail.

Vietnam’s Electronics Industry Report prepared by VietnamCredit provides an overview of the industry. Readers will see the current situation of the industry in Vietnam and the development trend in the coming time. With a wealth of data and good analysts, the report will be very useful for banks or investment funds that want to make investment decisions in Vietnam.

I. External environmental factors

1. Economic factors
2. Political factors
3. Socio-cultural factors

II. Size of Vietnam’s Electronics Industry
III. Value chain of Vietnam’s Electronics Industry

1. Research and Development
2. Production of raw materials, electronic components
3. Assembly
4. Distribution, retail

IV. Trends and prospects of Vietnam’s Electronics Industry
V. Top companies within the industry

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