Vietnam’s Securities Industry Report

Vietnam’s Securities Industry Report

Friday / 21.09

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Vietnam’s stock market has become an important channel for mobilizing capital. Capitalization has grown tremendously, increasing thousands of times compared to the first period. Vietnam’s stock market has been attracting numbers of domestic and foreign investors. While foreign investment tends to withdraw from many emerging markets, Vietnam remains an attractive destination for foreign investors.

Highlights of Vietnam’s Securities Industry:

- In 2017, the stock market capitalization accounted for 74.6% of GDP, making the securities industry become an important channel for mobilizing capital

- VN-Index reached 1,200 in the beginning of 2018 and is expected to break the record of 10 years ago

- Vietnam has loosened foreign ownership limits in public companies as well as increased capitalization of newly listed SEOs to satisfy the requirements of MSCI's emerging market

- There are 1,423 listed companies, of which 344 are listed on HOSE, 384 on HNX while UPCoM is home to 690.

- The number of stock investors is recorded at 1.9 million with a 11% increase over 2016; of which the number of foreign investors increased 14.3%

- Businesses operating in oil industry, food industry… have benefited a lot from the changes of raw material prices.

- Businesses tend to keep themselves invulnerable to negative changes of the market, especially in the second half of 2017.

- Beer industry and aviation services are likely to catch the eyes of Investment Funds With over 80 charts and tables as well as 3 infographics and 4 appendices,

Securities Industry Report carried out by VietnamCredit not only provides an overview but also useful analysis and commentaries on Vietnam's securities industry. This report is essential for investors, securities companies and anyone who is interested in buying and selling stocks.

I. Vietnam's Securities Market

1. Size of Vietnam's securities market
2. Size of of securities companies
3. Stock indices
4. Sector's wave and Blue-chip stocks

II. Prospects of Vietnam's Securities Industry
III. Appendices

Appendix 1: Historical development and legal factors affecting the Securities Industry
Appendix 2: Correlation between macroeconomics and the Securities Industry
Appendix 3: Shortcomings of the stock market
Appendix 4: Growth index of sectors on the stock market
Appendix 5: Service rate card and utilities of stock trading software
Appendix 6: Abbreviations

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