debt collection

Phone Service

Constant remiders by etters, phone and email to increase the presure on your debtors. (We are sure that your company reputation will never be harrned)

Email Service

Letters of formal notice will be sent by your lawyers. This action distinguishes us from ordinary collection service and will produce higher rate of repayment.

debt collection procedures
Communication Service

Negotiations will be conducted to uncover disputes and obtain amicable settlement (amicable discharge settlement, intervention by a public center for social welfare...)

Law Service

If our amicable approach fails, we will suggest talking legal actions. It may take 1-5 years for a debt collection case to be settled. However, it take maximum 2 years if using VietnamCredit service.

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debt collection service

Thorough Debt Investigation

Thorough Debt Investigation

Effective recovery starts with close investigation. Your debtors will be thoroughly and confidentially investigated by our professional staff

No Cure, No Pay

No Cure, No Pay

We are offering debt collection service on this customer-friendly "no cure, no pay" basis. We do not charge any disbursements and our clients will pay us and agreed percentage of what ever we recover.

Accurate Debt Classification

Accurate Debt Classification

We analyze debtors' insight to classify debt (recoverable debts and bad debts) to offer you the most effective collection solutions

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Amicable Actions


Legal Actions


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