VietnamCredit's company reports bring to you the most up-to-date information about your partners, customers and distributors. Each report will help you negotiate more effectively by having a more thorough understanding of your customers and potential suppliers; it will help you filter through your existing and potential business relationships and investment partners; and it will reduce possible risks and conflicts of interest. In addition, our credit reports are used for other purposes, such as setting up credit limits for customers and assessing a potential client’s payment reliability.

Company Report
Risk Management


Swindlers and hucksters rely on a lack of information and, in some cases, on misinformation. They clearly know the nature and value of a product, but they do not provide accurate information; they often conceal information to conduct transactions In particular, forgery is disguised by multiple layers and attractive language to conceal the truth.


VietnamCredit has been preparing 30 economic sectors in Vietnam, Our Industry Report provides a full range of development indicators of each sector in the economy. Our experts also analyze the level of development in Vietnam, compared to the World analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges of each sector. In addition, it provides information on the 10 largest firms in the industry as ranked by VietnamCredit. The Average Industry Index is a distinctive and unique index calculated by VietnamCredit, we have been developing since 2009.