When it comes to creating reliable reports, VietnamCredit puts high expectations on the best products to make it a tool for people to become experts in partner evaluation. And the light report is the answer. With a neat, simple layout and easy to understand, light report that will help enterprises manage and grow their business in the context of financial risk stalking every second, every minute. Success will soon open for high-tech pioneers in the field of information and use information to make their own pedals.

1. Focusing on important information 

VietnamCredit Light Company Report is a shortened version of the Comprehensive Report with carefully selected and summarized information to provide readers with the most important and practical content. With a simple, concise presentation that contains enough information for any reader to review, it will be easier to form a business concept and business shape to support for making sound business decisions.

2. Value-for-money

You want to receive information quickly but the fees are value-for-money? Less than ½ price of VietnamCredit Comprehensive Report, this report brings not only convenience but also the valuable information for enterprises in evaluating and researching their partners. Meeting the need of many enterprises, VietnamCredit has created an intellectual product that aggregates complete information about a business as a reference and the basis for supporting the decision maker in making his or her own ideas and intentions in the future.

3. Time saving

What shall you do when only 10-20 minutes left to the meeting with partners but not yet prepared enough needed documentaries especially information from your partner? Quick operating, time-saving, Light report with important information about partners is presented in a light layout and easy to understand. With this powerful tool of VietnamCredit, the assessment of partners’ reliability has never been so simple and fast like that.

"Success will come to those who are wise and grasping it at the right time." - A truth that most traders have caught but know how to do right or not depending on each individual and their own ways.

4. Simple and smart composition of VietnamCredit Light Report

Quick credit rating overview:

It’s the beginning of VietnamCredit Light Report which shows out the operating status of enterprises: well-operating, suspending or dissolution via standard score and rating credit score. These statistics give readers an overview to form the shape of that company.

Subject identification & legal form:

When it comes to the identifying information, there is no shortage of information on current legal status and business form such as the company name in dual language (English-Vietnamese), abbreviation, enterprise type, year established, business registration, place of registration, charter capital, listing status, tax code, total number of employees.


In the VietnamCredit Light report, we also provide the exact location of the head office (HO) and also subsidiaries to provide customers with the most complete and accurate information.


This part provides detailed information on the composition of BOD, including name, position, date of birth, passport, date of issue, ID and nationality.

Business Nature & Activities:

In Vietnam, each company can register more than one business field, so this section of the report will show you more and more about the business from specific information such as the main business and the registered businesses.


This part provides full information of shareholders, including name, position, date of birth, passport, date of issue, place of issue, nationality. Besides that, there will also have additional equity in the company like value of shares and percentage.

Financial Data:

Financial data is always an important part of VietnamCredit Light report, with key figures that represent the business situation of a business, reflected in its financial statements, sector average indicators and ratios.


The very 1st credit rating company in Vietnam:

22 years pass by since 1996, our company has been developing more and more in both employees and experiences. By providing reports on domestic and oversea companies, we are still supporting many organizations and individuals in making their business decisions.

The sole member of AsiaGate in Vietnam and member of Business Information Industry Association:

As a member of AsiaGate and BIIA, VietnamCredit can access to the biggest credit database in Asia and a global network of business information providers that enable us to provide the most comprehensive reports on off-shore companies.

The best quality reports:

There are many customers who have trusted and acknowledged such as global and local financial groups: KPMG, EnY, Mizuho, Vietcombank as well as leading manufacturers like Samsung, Yamaha, Panasonic.

Biggest database in Vietnam:

Our data has been collected and updated since 1996, which gives VNC ability to provide the historical data to date.

Reliable sources of updated information:

We provide information that are REAL TIME – ACCURATE and DIVERSIFIED. Our information is collected from MPI, General Department of Taxation, General Statistics Office, Court System, and especially, we have a strong team of direct investigators working directly with the subjects that makes our information updated and verified.

Competitive price:

With a huge database and well-qualified staff, the cost of our reports is increasingly improving, meeting a wide range of customers demands.