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Which is the best business directory in Vietnam?

Which is the best business directory in Vietnam?

Saturday 24, 07 2021
Getting business information of companies in Vietnam through the business directory will help investors have the most basic understanding of their potential partners.

What is business directory?

Business directory is a system that provides information of companies that have completed business registration procedures and received business registration certificates. Of course, those businesses have also completed the procedures for providing information and publishing business registration content. Because it is publicly disclosed, any one can freely look up this kind of information.

The business information that one can obtains includes:

General information about the business

General information about an enterprise is considered a "birth certificate", which distinguishes it from other organizations. General business information includes the following:

  • Company's name in Vietnamese and name written in foreign language; Abbreviated business name;
  • Operational status;
  • Business code;
  • Legal form;
  • Date of establishment;
  • Name of the legal representative;
  • Address of the head office;
  • Business lines according to the Vietnam Standard Industrial Classification.

General information

The above 8 pieces of information are all basic must-haves about any business that the public can easily find in many different ways.

Manager information

The head of each business is an important factor that decides whether the company is a success or a failure because they have the ultimate decision-making power. Therefore, when disclosing business information, it is necessary to provide details about the top-level apparatus, creating a solid guarantee for the business to the public and customers.

According to Article 12 of the Law on Enterprise, enterprises must report to the business registration agency information of the manager including: full name, contact address, nationality, ID card of people who hold the following positions:

  • Member of the Board of Directors for joint-stock companies;
  • Member of the Supervisory Board or Supervisor;
  • Director, General Director.

Manager information

Information on business registration certificate

Article 33 of the Law on Enterprises stipulates that after being granted the business registration certificate, companies must publicly announce information recorded therein on the national business registration portal. Such information includes industry, business lines, list of founding shareholders, shareholders being foreign investors of a joint-stock company, etc.


The seal used by an enterprise also needs to be notified to the registry office and made publicly known to the public. Therefore, whenever there is a change in the contents of the Certificate or cancel the existing seal, enterprises must notify the business registration agency to post this change on the national portal.

Financial report, labor situation or project implementation progress

The provision of reports related to the operation of a business will serve as evidence to show that the business is still active and has potential for growth.

Non-public companies must submit financial reports, employment situation or project implementation progress on a quarterly and annual basis to the licensing agency, labor management, tax agency according to the provisions of law.

In Vietnam, private enterprises, limited liability companies or businesses not listed on the stock exchange in general are not required to disclose financial information to the public. Therefore, to get this information, foreign investors need to find a professional business information provider in Vietnam.

Why is business information important?

Business information needs to be disclosed to the public to prove that the organization is real and exists.

There are many reasons why people search for information of a business. For example, a to-be-established company may want to know if their company has the same name as another one or an investor may need to know which field their partner is operating in…

For anyone, searching business information is practical and important. Understanding the business will make it easier for them to approach, and help identify issues around the company in the most clear and complete way.

Which is the best business directory in Vietnam?

Currently, in Vietnam, people can look up basic information about businesses through a number of websites that provide business directories. However, these websites only provide very basic information including business name, tax code, operating status, ... that businesses have already publicly announced. Moreover, the information on these websites is mainly in Vietnamese, making it difficult for foreign investors to have deep and clear understanding about the businesses they are interested in.

Therefore, VietnamCredit was born and has constantly been developing its products to meet the needs of all investors from abroad. Investors can easily look up business information on VietnamCredit's website. In addition, when you want to know more about a certain business, all you need is to send us a request.

Guide to looking up business directory in Vietnam

  • Step 1: Access the system at the website address of VietnamCredit:
  • Step 2: Enter the tax code or business code, or the name of the business you need to find in the search box and then click on “Search”.

business directory

Note, if you perform a search by codes, our system will give the most accurate results. As for the case with the business name, the system will offer the results that are the same or close to the business name.

  • Step 3: The screen will display all information about the business according to the search information. The first thing you can see is the registered business name.
  • Step 4: Click on the search result to see detailed information.

With these simple steps, you can have the information you need. If you are in need of more help, please contact VietnamCredit via email [email protected]



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