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Where to get business information in Vietnam?

Where to get business information in Vietnam?

Thursday 07, 05 2020
"Business information services of this company are very good, and the information provided is very useful for businesses...

Customers using company reports all said that the business information provided by VietnamCredit is really helpful, meeting the increasing current and future information needs.

Trustworthy business information provider

To check information on service and product providers, businesses nowadays mainly search online through the National Business Registration Portal of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, and the General Department of Taxation Portal. However, the information from these two sources is just basic and very sketchy, unable to meet the needs of customers. To be sure about partners which provide services and materials for production, businesses also need to learn more about their operations and brands through many other channels, such as through VietnamCredit.

A customer of VietnamCredit shared “We ourselves often use VietnamCredit as a reference channel to look up information about partner businesses and suppliers. Thereby, we can reduce a part of potential risks. Business information services of this company are very good, and the information provided is very useful for businesses, especially in the near future, when the new Business Law takes effect, determining the authenticity and reputation of enterprises will be more necessary than ever before".

Agreeing with the above point of view, General Director of VN Source Development Joint Stock Company shared that: "In the current economic context, almost every business needs to look up information about their partner enterprises. In the past, our company used to look up business information on the website of administrative procedures search of Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment or website of General Department of Taxation to better understand our partners before signing contracts or conducting cooperation. However, the information we received did not help us much in knowing them. Recently, we have regularly used the business information service of VietnamCredit to verify whether the partner business is actually "alive" or "dead", and whether their invoices are still valid. We really trust the products and services provided by VietnamCredit".

Also being one of the frequent users of business information services, Mr. Ly B., General Director of DODOLA Joint Stock Company affirmed: “Whenever there is a new business partner, we often use the Internet to search information about partners to avoid risks in business cooperation. VietnamCredit's business information service has just been known to us. However, the reports provided by this company are very useful for our business activities”.

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Great expectations for business information services

With a very high expectation of enjoying a diverse business information service, Mr. Vu The B. - a customer using VietnamCredit's service, said: “In order to make enterprise information services better and better, VietnamCredit may need to connect with other information channels related to businesses, such as associations to have more information on payment history, etc. to increase the abundance of information and to show the real situation of businesses”.

A member of the Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP) also expressed his desire for business information services to be increasingly concerned and widely used in the business community. It is also expected that in the near future VietnamCredit will have more connections with other fields such as tax, insurance, etc. to increase the efficiency of information retrieval for businesses.

In addition, businesses and associations all agree that together with VietnamCredit, the State needs to increase investment in information portals such as the National Business Registration Portal to support online information for businesses. This will actively contribute to creating a healthy business environment and motivation for businesses to develop.

Acknowledging feedbacks from customers, VietnamCredit has been improving its products to provide customers with the most quality and most informative company reports. In addition, we have also developed other products such as Industry Reports, Country Risk Reports, Due Diligence Reports, Sales & Marketing Solutions.

All about VietnamCredit and our business information service

Where to get business information in Vietnam?

Our database on businesses has been built and developed since 1996, and in the early 2000s, the website of VietnamCredit company officially came into operation. Right after being put into operation, VietnamCredit has quickly been well received by domestic and foreign customers not only by the relatively large database but also by modern technology smartly organizing information on businesses, allowing clients easily get information quickly and accurately.

You can find information about businesses such as business registration number, business license, date of issue of business license, date of establishment, address, phone number, directors right on VietnamCredit's website. Smartly programmed, VietnamCredit has a very clear selection of information, allowing users to filter information by 4 types: Company name / Address / Tax code / Phone number or Fax number to get the fastest and most accurate results.

In addition to the free information mentioned above, we also provide 3 types of company reports including Company Profile Reports consisting of company identification, locations, management and directors, key financial data, shareholders, business operation; Financial Analysis Reports covering legal identification, locations, board of directors with detailed id and addresses, analysis of the financial statement (balance sheet, cash flow, p & l accounts) for 3 consecutive years; and Comprehensive Credit Reports providing all the information you need about a business.

Please contact us to experience the best business information service in Vietnam.

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*Names of VietnamCredit's customers/partners mentioned in the article will be abbreviated or hidden to ensure our principle of respecting customers' personal information.

Alice Hoang Thao - VietnamCredit


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