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What is in the newly issued Vietnam business culture criteria?

What is in the newly issued Vietnam business culture criteria?

Wednesday 21, 07 2021
A new set of business etiquette criteria was recently issued to help improve the business environment of Vietnam. What is in this newly established criteria?

Criteria for Vietnam business culture

On July 14, the Vietnam Association of Business Culture Development announced the set of criteria for Vietnam business culture.

Mr. Ho Anh Tuan, Chairman of the Vietnam Association of Business Culture Development, said that the set of criteria for Vietnamese business culture is the first set of standards on business customs directed by the Prime Minister, constructed with the participation of ministries and sectors. The construction process has received intellectual, enthusiastic, and responsible contributions from ministries, scientists, experts, businesses, and the media.

The set of criteria consists of two parts with 19 specific criteria, 51 evaluation, and measurement criteria. In each part, there are specific criteria and associated evaluation and measurement indicators.

Criteria for Vietnam business culture

Part 1 is a review of mandatory conditions. Accordingly, enterprises must pass these conditions to be considered in the next round. The conditions include: No smuggling, no tax evasion, no production or trade-in of counterfeit or harmful products, no owing wages and social insurance of employees, no defrauding, taking advantage of or harm other organizations and individuals, and no law-breaking.

Part 2 is the assessments of business leaders for sustainable development, building and implementing corporate culture, respect for the law, business ethic, and social responsibility.


Quality and business culture make a brand

Mr. Vu Ba Phu, Director of the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency, under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, said that a good brand is not only an asset of an enterprise but also an asset of a nation. In a country with many reputable enterprises, the national brand is also enhanced in prestige.

Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency

Mr. Phu also added that there was a strong interaction between the national brand and the corporate brand and corporate culture. In recent years, many Vietnamese enterprises have made great efforts in forming a business culture to create international Vietnamese brands such as Vinamilk, TH True Milk, Viettel, etc. He affirmed that this is a set of criteria that is not only meaningful to businesses but also important to the National Brand Program.

Mr. Phu said he would consider taking this set of criteria as the foundation for evaluating national brands.

At the press conference, leaders of the Vietnam Business Culture Development Association also introduced the regulation on recognition of "Enterprises meeting Vietnamese business culture standards". This is a form of honoring companies that have well-implemented business culture, met the standards and criteria of Vietnamese business culture, and had excellent achievements during the "Building a business culture in Vietnam” campaign launched by the Prime Minister.

Accordingly, the regulation consists of six chapters and 14 articles. The content of the six chapters focuses on key issues such as general regulations, mandatory and specific standards based on the Criteria for Vietnamese business culture, the benchmark for recognition, form and time of honor and recognition agency, the order of registration, review, and recognition, requirements for application for participation registration, rights and regulations on the handling of violations, and enforcement terms.

“Enterprises meeting Vietnamese business culture standards” will be assessed according to objective, strict, and transparent evaluation criteria. The scale will also change from year to year, with year-to-year themes presented by the Vietnam Corporate Culture Association.

At the meeting, the Vietnam Association of Business Culture Development also introduced the project to organize the annual forum "Culture with business". The forum is held every year, each year has its specific theme associated with the context and requirements of the year.

Vietnam Association of Business Culture Development

This year's forum is scheduled to take place in the 2nd week of November, on the occasion of Vietnam Corporate Culture Day (November 10), with the following activities: Forum with the theme "Cultural adaptation - The foundation for recovery and sustainable development economic sustainability", the ceremony to honor and award the certificate of enterprises meeting the standards of Vietnamese business culture, and a preliminary review of five years of implementing the campaign to build Vietnamese corporate culture.

The above activities of the Vietnam Association for the Development of Corporate Culture are aimed at gradually implementing the Campaign "Building Vietnamese corporate culture" launched by the Prime Minister, contributing to the realization of the resolutions of the Prime Minister and the Government on building Vietnamese culture and people to meet the requirements of sustainable development of the country.


Source:, VGP News

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