In Asia's Fab 50 2018 released in September 6 by Forbes Asia, China continuosly grabs the most spots with a record 30 of the 50 companies hail from the mainland, up from 28 last year. Tencent and Alibaba are the two companies leading the Fab 50. India has seven companies, Japan has five companies on the list this year.

Vietnam never had a company make the Fab 50 before 2016, but now there are three companies in this list, which is Vinamilk in 2016, Mobile World Investment Corp. in 2017 and both Vingroup and Mobile World Investment Corp in 2018.


Vingroup and Mobile World Investment Corp., capitalized at USD14.1 billion and USD1.7 billion respectively, are two of Vietnam listed in top 50 listed companies in Asia Pacific (Fab 50) in 2018 by Forbes Asia.

2018 is the second consecutive year in Asia's Fab 50 of
Mobile World Investment Corp. The company led by Mr. Nguyen Duc Tai provides trading, repair, and maintenance services of phones, cameras, household appliances, and information technology, digital, and electronic equipment. In 2017, Mobile World revenue and net profit jumped 49% and 40% from the previous year.

Vingroup JSC is engaged in the construction of retail outlets, commercial offices, and residential units; and the provision of entertainment services. Its products and services include: real estate, tourism & hotel, healthcare services, fitness and beauty care. The company was founded by Vuong Nhat Pham on May 3, 2002 and is headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam. In the last year, Vingroup grew 55% and 27% respectively in terms of revenue and profit after tax.

Fab 50's list prepared by Forbes Asia. The top 50 listed companies in Asia Pacific ( Asia's Fab 50 2018) is screened from 1,744 listed companies for at least a year listed in the region and having a minimum revenue of USD2 billion. Forbes Asia did not choose companies suffering from loss or having lower sales revenue than previous year are not listed by Forbes Asia. The Fab 50 will also exclude companies with high debt ratios, owned by the state or parent company with more than 50%. Then, Forbes Asia analysis financial of companies to identify those companies business efficiency, impressive growth.

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