Vietnam beverage market value has increased by about 11.4%/year from 2012 to 2017. Market value in 2017 is estimated by about 320,000 billion dong, an increase of 10.6% compared to 2016. This is because of growing young population and rising number of middle income individuals, young and fast-pace economy, drinking culture, hot and humid climate and consumption of tourism industry.
This 10 companies are selected by main segment and their market share within segment, including 4 companies in the alcoholic drinks segment, 3 companies in soft drinks segment and 3 companies in hot drinks segment.

» Alcoholic drinks: Beer is main alcoholic drinks in Vietnam, thus 3 beer companies are selected on the list, which are also 3 largest companies by market share. Besides, one biggest spirit company is selected

» Soft drinks: 3 largest companies are selected by market share, including 2 foreign companies and 1 domestic one

» Hot drinks: 3 largest companies are selected by market share, including 2 companies on coffee sector and 1 in tea sector


» Stock Symbol: SAB
» Stock Market: HOSE
» Tax code: 0300583659
» Year Established: 1977
» Chartered capital: 6,413 billion VND
» Total Employees: 7,685

SABECO is operating in the beverage industry in Vietnam. It is active in producing beverages and processing food stuffs; trading beer, alcohol, wine, refreshment beverage, package & labels. SAB imports materials from Germany, USA, Belgium and Netherlands. It exports products to Japan, Australia, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong and Canada.
According to the financial data, the turnover and profit after tax reached VND 34,394 billion and VND 5,137 billion in FY2017, increased by 12% and 11% compared to FY2016. ROA and ROE were good.
Overall, the company is a large organization in this industry. Based on the current financial situation, it can meet medium and large transactions.


» Stock Symbol: N/A
» Stock Market: N/A
» Tax code: 0300831132
» Year Established: 1977
» Chartered capital: 1,157 billion VND
» Total Employees: 1,600

Heineken is engaged in manufacturing and trading beer with famous brands such as Heineken, Tiger, Tiger Crystal, Biere Larue, Biere Larue Export, Foster’s, BGI, Bivina, Larue, Larue Export in Vietnam. Its main market is in central and southern Vietnam. Its competition capability is strong. On 01 Aug 2016, the company also announced a new logo.

According to the financial data, turnover and profit after tax of the subject in 2016 reached VND 21,367 billion and VND 7,563 billion, increased strongly in comparison with data in 2015.

In general, Heineken is the leading company in the beer manufacture industry. Its trademark and position are famous. Its operation scale is large with low financial risk. In short, subject is reliable for all normal business transactions.


» Stock Symbol: BHN
» Stock Market: HOSE
» Tax code: 0101376672
» Year Established: 2003
» Chartered capital: 2,318 billion VND
» Total Employees: 4,389

HABCEO focuses on manufacturing and trading alcohol, beer, beverage and packing. It mainly imports materials from EU market and exports products to Korea, Taiwan, UK, Germany, Austria, England and France.

Financial capacity was rather strong. The firm reached huge net revenue and profit after tax over years. The profit after tax in 2017 reduced to VND 754,122 million, a drop of 5.34% from the previous year but it was still positive and at high level.
In general, HABECO is a large size company in the industry. With its current situation, the subject could meet medium financial commitments. 


» Stock Symbol: N/A
» Stock Market: N/A
» Tax code: 0100102245
» Year Established: 1898
» Chartered capital: 200 billion VND
» Total Employees: 600
Hanoi Liquor registered many business activities. However, it is specialized in producing of alcohol, liquor, wine and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Recently, the subject distributes wine and other alcohol products nationwide and over the world. Besides that, subject supplies transportation services, rental office, house, shop and hotel business.
According to the financial data, operating result has fluctuated in recent years. Importantly, the subject was in loss with amount of VND 19,841 million in FY2015 and VND 16,356 million in FY 2016 instead of generating profit in FY 2014.
In general, Hanoi Liqour has a long time of foundation and operation in the industry. However, the financial situation of the subject has turned to be humble in recent years. Caution is needed for large business transactions with the subject. for all normal business transactions.


» Stock Symbol: N/A
» Stock Market: N/A
» Tax code: 0300816663
» Year Established: 1991
» Chartered capital: 6,183 billion VND
» Total Employees: 2,800
Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam is a manufacturer of beverages. Its product range includes carbonated soft drink (Pepsi, 7Up, Mirinda, Mountain Dew, C.C Lemon), energy drink (Sting), bottled water (Aquafina), juice drink (Twister), tea (Lipton, Oolong Tea+). Its snack food with brand name Poca (Poca, Poca Partyz, Poca Selectz, Poca Cheetos, Poca Nutz,…) was transferred to PEPSICO FOOD VIETNAM COMPANY.
Turnover and profit increased annually and were high. In 2016, turnover and profit after tax of the subject reached VND 14,374 billion and VND 1,163 billion. Profit grew quite good and remarkable.
In general, Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam is operating effectively. Subject has capacity to meet small and medium financial commitments. 


» Stock Symbol: N/A
» Stock Market: N/A
» Tax code: 0300792451
» Year Established: 1994
» Chartered capital: 12,377 billion VND
» Total Employees: 1,900
Coca-Cola Vietnam specializing in producing and trading beverages, is one of biggest foreign invested companies and has long operation history in Vietnam. Producing process of the subject is self-contained with all of materials imported from its parent company. Coca-Cola is the world’s largest beverage brands with many choices such as: Diet Coke, Coca-Cola Zero, Fanta, Sprite, Dasani, Vitaminwater, Powerade, Minute Maid, Simply, Del Valle, Georgia, and Gold Peak.
According to the financial data, after 10 years in the loss situation continuously, in FY 2014, the subject had the profit at over VND 221 billion. The turnover remained over VND 6 trillion in year FY2015 and FY2016. Profit after tax were over VND 500 billion in FY2015 and FY2016.
In general, Coca-Cola Vietnam is well known company in field. Its position and market share are big. Its financial health is ranked in the above average level. 


» Stock Symbol: N/A
» Stock Market: N/A
» Tax code: 0301387752
» Year Established: 1997
» Chartered capital: 276 billion VND
» Total Employees: 3,500

Tan Hiep Phat specialized in manufacturing many kinds of beverage include soft drink, sport drink, green tea, energy drink, instant coffee, Soya milk, Instant tea, Juice drink, Beer, Health Care Tea, Instant Tea, Winter Melon Tea, Herbal Tea, and Flavored Tea. It focuses on 3 main soft -drinking brands are “0 Degree” green tea, “Dr. Thanh” herbal tea and “Number one” energy drink.
According to the financial data, total sales in 2016 decreased from VND 6,021 billion in 2015 to VND 4,870 billion. Profit after tax in 2016 decreased by 28%.
In general, although Tan Hiep Phat faced with many difficulties from scandals about products’ quality but it still remains remarkable in last year. With its stable market share, subject can compete with large enterprises such as Coca-Cola or Pepsi. In short, it is reliable for normal transactions.


» Stock Symbol: N/A
» Stock Market: N/A
» Tax code: 3600235305
» Year Established: 1995
» Chartered capital: 1,261 billion VND
» Total Employees: 1,961
Nestlé Vietnam specializes in production of foods and beverages such as soluble coffee, soluble tea, repacking beverage, nutrition cereal and repacking milk powders, sauce, spice, instant noodle etc... The brand’s products of subject are Milo, Nestea, Nestcafe, Lavie, Kit Kat, Maggi, Coffee-Mate. Almost materials for production imported from abroad and its products were exported to Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia and South Korea besides internal market.
The company’s financial health is in a good position as the business has been profitable with high total sales over the years. Turnover and profit after tax of the subject in 2016 reached VND 11,525 billion and VND 1,107 billion, increased in comparison with data in 2015.
In general, Nestlé’s trademark and competition capability are good. It can meet normal business transactions.


» Stock Symbol: N/A
» Stock Market: N/A
» Tax code: 0100103915
» Year Established: 1996
» Chartered capital: 370 billion VND
» Total Employees: 1,300

Vinatea specializes in growing green tea and manufacturing tea products. Tea products of the subject are not only sold in Vietnam but also exported abroad such as Middle East region, Pakistan, Japan, Taiwan, Russia, Germany, USA, China... All its products are known under trademark as Vinatea.
Total assets at the end of FY2016 decreased whereas the total revenue in 2016 increased well so the total assets turnover was improved slightly. However, its utilizing asset performance was still not high with total assets turnover of 0.58. Moreover, profitability of the subject was not good too with loss.
In general, Vinatea is a prestigious company in the industry. The financial situation is above average. With current operation situation, the subject has capacity to meet small and medium financial commitments.


» Stock Symbol: VCF
» Stock Market: HOSE
» Tax code: 3600261626
» Year Established: 1968
» Chartered capital: 266 billion VND
» Total Employees: 344
VinaCafe Bien Hoa specializes in manufacturing and processing coffee, instant cereal and drinking products. Its products include roasted-ground coffee, instant coffee, instant nutritious cereal and De Men nutritious cereal. Now, its products have been famous not only in domestic market but also in international market (among them, cafe is the main products and brings most profit for the subject). Currently, it has factory in Dong Nai province and many branches.
Total sale of the company increased continuously in period of 2003-2016 and it reached VND 3,393.9 billion in 2016 but in 2017 it decreased slightly than the FY2016. Profit after tax had fluctuated in period of 2013-2017. However, profitability is still considered good.
In general, with long time for operation, the company’s position in the industry is remarkable. VCF completely meet all normal financial commitments.