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Top IT outsourcing companies in Vietnam

Top IT outsourcing companies in Vietnam

Tuesday 08, 06 2021
Take a glance at IT outsourcing companies in Vietnam. Notable names include FPT Software, CMC Global, etc.

IT outsourcing field in Vietnam

Information Technology Outsourcing, often referred to as IT Outsourcing, is the outsourcing of IT services to a company specialized in providing IT services to manage, maintain and operate the information technology segment of the business. Outsourcing companies will provide suitable human resources for each company to be able to closely grasp the unique problems of the business, thereby transferring and providing appropriate solutions. With this type of service, businesses not only make maximum use of resources, improve operational efficiency, but also save relatively large costs and time.

The trend of software outsourcing to off-shore locations has been increasing drastically over the past decade. Companies worldwide now seek destinations for outsourcing, due to the benefits that include lower costs with improved performance, specialized technology, and industry expertise, and the availability of a highly educated workforce.

IT field

While India and the Philippines have been common destinations for IT outsourcing, Vietnam has been a promising destination in recent years. CIO magazine suggested that outsourcing to Vietnam would save up to 90% of costs compared to developing software in the US. Moreover, developing software in Vietnam would cost from one-third toone-seventh times cheaper when compared to India.

Vietnam also provides a young and well-educated workforce for the IT field. Besides, the quality of technical education and research at Vietnamese universities is getting higher, which helped to make Vietnamese tech workers ranked highly in the field of software development.

IT outsourcing companies in Vietnam

FPT Software Company Limited

FPT Software Company Limited is part of FPT Corporation, the leading technology and IT services group based in Vietnam. FPT has been honored six times in the Best of Global Outsourcing 100 List by IAOP since 2013. FPT has dealt with over 11,000 software outsourcing projects in the last 19 years and has established many offices worldwide, namely the US, France, Germany, Japan, etc.


KMS Technology

KMS Technology has been providing software outsourcing services to many customers over the world for over 11 years. KMS Technology is located in Atlanta, US, with offices in California and Vietnam.

Currently, KMS Technology is providing services and solutions to optimize software for 99% of customers that are US companies. KMS Technology has been the ten-time consecutive winner of the Sao Khue award for its software outsourcing service.

CMC Global

CMC Group was established in 1993 and has affirmed its position in Vietnam’s market and many countries around the world through key business activities in three areas: Technology & Solution, Global Business, Telecommunications.CMC Global Company Limited is a member of CMC Group, founded in 2017. In its years in operation, CMC has achieved notable success. They have been the 2 years consecutive winner of the “IT Outsourcing Service” of Sao Khue Award – the Biggest Award of Vietnam Software Industry.

LARION Consulting And Software Development Company Limited

LARION Consulting And Software Development Company Limited is a company based in Vietnam. The company has been providing outsourcing services and business solutions to many clients in more than 15 countries for over 12 years. Their range of services includes Big Data – Data Analytics, Securities Trading Solutions, E-commerce/Social Network App Development, etc. LARION focus on today’s trends of Big Data, Cloud Computing, Social Network, Mobility, and Internet of Things.

IT Companies

Harvey Nash Vietnam Company Limited

Harvey Nash (Vietnam) Company Limited (NashTech) is part of Harvey Nash Group, a pioneer in Headhunting, professional recruitment, and IT/BPO outsourcing services with over 7000 professionals in 40 offices around the world. NashTech has been dealing with projects in the high-tech field such as Blockchain, AR/VR, Machine Learning/AI, RPA, Big Data, etc.

Saigon Technology Solutions

Founded in 2012, Saigon Technology Solutions has achieved much success since its establishment, proven by the achievement of the 2020 Sao Khue Award for Best Outsourcing Company in Vietnam. Saigon Technology Solutionshas been working with many notable brands worldwide, from different industries, namely Abbott, Topicus, Panasonic, Standard Chartered, etc.

Tuong Minh Software Solutions Company Limited

Tuong Minh Software Solutions Company Limited (TMA Solutions) was founded in 1997. Over their years in operation, TMA Solutions have become a leading outsourcing company in Vietnam. The company is now having around 2500 talented engineers, working with customers from 27 countries worldwide. TMA Solutions provide a wide range of software services, such as testing and maintenance, full-cycle development, and end-to-end solutions.


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