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Top 6 media companies in Vietnam

Top 6 media companies in Vietnam

Saturday 07, 08 2021
Over the past time, the number of media companies in Vietnam has increased to a triple-digit figure thanks to the rapid development of technology and social platforms.

Overview of Vietnam’s media industry

Vietnam’s media market is divided into three main segments including the advertising market, the pay-TV market and the television content market.

The advertising market of Vietnam only really started to develop after the US lifted its economic sanctions on Vietnam in May 1994. At that time, hundreds of large US and foreign companies such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, P&G, and Unilever sought investment opportunities in Vietnam. Their advertising budgets were really huge, which contributed greatly to the development of the advertising market of Vietnam. Currently, Vietnam's advertising market value is worth about 1 billion USD with an annual growth rate of approximately 20%-30%. However, the average advertising revenue per capita in Vietnam is only 11 USD, which is very low compared to that of other countries in the region.

Media industry

It was not until 2003 when cable television was introduced that pay TV service became popular in Vietnam. SCTV, HTVC, VTVCab, and VTC were pioneers in this field. With the government's digitization policy, the size of this market is estimated at 1.5 billion USD in 2020.

Vietnam’s television content market is growing very fast. In recent years, several domestic companies have invested in the production of media programs through the policy of socialization. Currently, TV stations mainly focus on producing news programs, reportages and talk shows. Movie and games shows are mainly produced by private companies. The content market is estimated to account for about 50% of the advertising market.

Vietnam's media is still under the management of the state. Since 2008 with the policy of socializing television to reduce the pressure on the state's budget, broadcasters have cooperated with private companies to produce content and advertisment. There are more TV channels with rich content.

Top media companies in Vietnam

The following list of top media companies in Vietnam is randomly arranged by VietnamCredit because each business has its own strengths. However, all of these media companies are the ones that lead the media industry in Vietnam.

  • Cat Tien Sa Media Group

Cat Tien Sa Media Group, also known as CATS, was established in 1999 and is considered the first media company in Vietnam with the function of organizing art performances for advertising purposes. Since its establishment, the company's main activities have been modeling related services and organizing fashion shows. In 2000, the company started to structure its operations. Since then, its activities have expanded to more fields including: television production, music performance organization, event organization, advertisement, etc.

Cat Tien Sa Media Group

  • Chicilon Media

Chicilon Media has more than 14 years operating in the field of providing communication solutions through display systems such as TV screens and electronic posters in elevators. Chicilon Media has integrated screen systems in many office buildings, high-class apartment buildings, or at airports, cinemas, supermarkets in big cities including Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Da Nang.

Chicilon Media

  • VCCorp

Established in 2006, VCCorp Joint Stock Company or VCCorp is a pioneer in the field of technology and digital content.

VCCorp currently owns the online advertising brand Admicro - the largest online advertising agency in Vietnam with an advertising system on 200 websites, nearly 30 of which are owned this company itself.

This company is also the 3rd largest company in Vietnam in terms of online advertising, following Facebook and Google.


  • MAC Vietnam

Media Advertisement Development Mac Corporation Of Vietnam (MCV for short) was officially established and put into operation on January 30, 2007. MCV is the result of the cooperation relationship between MAC&CINQ and MIRAI VIETNAM and its partner, SANNGHIA CORP.

MCV Corp specializes in producing, creating, publishing and optimizing content on all platforms from television to digital.

MAC Vietnam

  • Dien Quan Media & Entertainment

Dien Quan Media & Entertainment was founded in 2008 by CEO Do Van Buu Dien, who is a former journalist of Ho Chi Minh City Television. After more than 10 years of operation, the company has now become one of the leading multi-platform entertainment content creators and producers in Vietnam with integrated marketing and communication solutions on diverse media channels.

The programs and content produced by Dien Quan are not only encapsulated in the field of culture and entertainment, but also cover all fields such as economy and society, documentaries, news, technology, chronicles, etc…

Dien Quan currently owns 700 YouTube channels, more than 10,000 hours of annual broadcast. Ninety-four percent of internet users in Vietnam watch Dien Quan's channels, and more than 38 billion minutes have been watched on YouTube.

Dien Quan Media & Entertainment

  • Vietba Media

Vietba Media was established in 1999. It is one of the pioneers in media consulting companies in Vietnam.

Over 20 years of establishment and development, Vietba Media has increasingly affirmed its position in the media industry when it holds the copyrights to many high-rated TV programs, and owns a methodical process of building and analyzing an overall communication strategy, with a team of reputable experts.

Vietba Media

Some of Vietba Media's major partners are P&G, Viettel, Unilever, Mobiphone, DAF, Coop Mart, etc.

*Note: To get financial information of these companies as well as to have a full list of media companies in Vietnam, please contact VietnamCredit via [email protected].

Alice Hoang Thao - VietnamCredit

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