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Top 3 education companies in Vietnam

Top 3 education companies in Vietnam

Monday 05, 12 2022
Education has become an attractive field for investment in Vietnam in recent years. In this article, VietnamCredit will provide detailed information on some major education service providers in Vietnam.


Vinschool Joint Stock Company is a social enterprise belonging to Vingroup. Vinschool Education System operates on the non-profit basis. Within 9 years since its establishment, Vinschool has grown rapidly and strongly in number of students, and has gradually affirmed its leading position in educational innovation in Vietnam.

The Vinschool system currently has 6 schools (including 10 campuses) that are members of the Council of International Schools (CIS). All 43 Vinschool campuses are standardizing in all areas including curriculum development, teacher recruitment and training, and operating educational services according to CIS standards.

Revenue of this education system also continuously grows by 40-50%/year. Its revenue in 2018 reached VND 1,450 billion, up 43% compared to 2017.

There was once a crisis when Vinschool announced changes to its educational program and increased tuition fees, but the continuous increase in the number of students shows that this educational model is still trusted by parents.

Vietnamcredit Vinschool Joint Stock Company

Vinschool continues to expand the school system according to the strategy set out since its establishment, which is parallel with Vinhomes urban areas. In addition to kindergarten and high school, Vingroup continued to perfect its educational chain with the establishment of VinUni University in March 2018.


FPT Education whose full name is FPT Education Company Limited was established in 1999. As one of the member units, holding one of the three core areas of FPT Corporation, the company is operating in the field of education in Vietnam.

Starting with the establishment of the FPT Aptech training program in 1999 and the FPT Arena Multimedia Fine Arts training program 5 years later, FPT Corporation officially entered the education field. Two years later, FPT Corporation started training Engineers and Bachelors at university level through the establishment of FPT University in 2006, which is considered an important step forward in the education field of FPT Corporation.

Vietnamcredit FPT EDUCATION

In order to expand its training network and professions, FPT Education has continuously established training units or cooperated with international universities to open campuses in Vietnam since 2009. Specifically, it cooperated with the University of Greenwich (UK) to open the FPT Greenwich program (now the University of Greenwich Vietnam) to train Engineers and Bachelor's degrees granted by the University of Greenwich (UK). Then, the company established FSB Institute of Management and Technology. FPT Polytechnic College was established in 2010 to train Engineers, Bachelor of Practice College; FPT Jetking (in 2011) to train Computer Hardware and Networking Systems. Four years later, the online training program for Information Technology Engineers (FUNiX) was opened from 2015 to 2020.

FPT Education participated in general education in 2013 by establishing FPT High School in Hoa Lac (high school training from 10th to 12th grade according to boarding model) and Primary and Secondary School. In 2019 and 2020, FPT Education continuously expanded its general education network to Can Tho (FPT Can Tho High School), Da Nang (FPT Da Nang Primary - Secondary School), Quy Nhon (FPT Quy Nhon High School). Nhon). The High School Program under FPT Polytechnic provides vocational training for students who have graduated from secondary school or higher and obtained a full-time college degree.


Edufit Education was established in Vietnam in 2011. It is the owner of the Dewey international school system, which was newly established in December 2017. In addition to education, this group also deals in real estate and wholesales of perfumes, cosmetics and hygiene products.

Besides the Dewey system, Edufit is also behind the Sakura Montessori international preschool system.

Edufit's charter capital at the time of its establishment was VND 20 billion with 4 individuals contributing capital.

By October 2018, Edufit raised its charter capital to VND 150 billion VND, which is completely private capital.

Vietnamcredit Edufit Education

Edufit Group received an investment of USD 34 million for the construction of the Dewey Tay Ho Tay International School project - Starlake.This investment was signed on July 1, 2019 in Tokyo within the Vietnam - Japan Investment Promotion Conference with the presence of 1200 enterprises and investors from the two countries.

The investor is Toshin Development Co., Ltd (a real estate developer belonging to Takashimaya Group, one of Japan's leading commercial and departmental business groups)

Henry Tran – VietnamCredit


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