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Source of business information

Source of business information

Thursday 07, 05 2020
Nowadays, people can easily get business information in a variety of ways, depending on the capabilities and goals of each person.

Nowadays, people can easily get business information in a variety of ways, depending on the capabilities and goals of each person. Below are some ways to get the most accurate business information that VietnamCredit has compiled for everyone to refer:

Search for business information via the Internet

As digital technology and Internet are growing, people tend to search everything on the Internet and business information is no exception. Internet, especially google search engine, is often used by many people when looking for information about companies and organizations because information of almost all businesses is published on the Internet.

If you type the keyword in the Google search bar, you will see many websites that give you information about businesses and economic organizations from small to large across Vietnam. However, for the highest accuracy, you should choose websites that are under the control of the government or websites of reputable businesses, specializing in providing business information. Following are some websites you should consult:


This is an official website under the management of the Ministry of Planning and Investment. To get information of businesses on this portal, you only need to enter one of the following: business name, business code or name of the representative.

After pressing the search button, the screen will display basic and general information of the business that is of your concern. However, if you want to get more details about that business in terms of history of development and operation, you need to pay to log in and use, and this step is considered quite complicated and cumbersome.


This is the official website of the General Department of Taxation. Here, people can find out the exact tax code of the business, know if the business is still operating or not, and see some other basic information about that business such as the name of the legal representative, date of establishment, charter capital, etc.

In addition, this website of the General Department of Taxation also provides methodical and general information about tax and finance, which is considered a top area of interest when learning about a business.

On top of the above-mentioned, normal searching by typing the correct name and address of the business on the Internet is also a way to find out the most basic information of that business. If you visit the website of that business (if any) or the website of the business associations where the business is a member, chances are high that you can gather fairly reliable information.

Source of business information

Directly request businesses to provide information

This information lookup method is commonly used when individuals or organizations require their business partners to provide information directly to them. This offer will help to obtain specific and detailed information about the company's operations.

Some of the types of documents that are allowed to be provided and circulated are copies of the Business Registration certificate, quarterly and annual financial statements, the company's charter on capital and operations, list of shareholders, CEO or members of the BOD, and records related to the history from the establishment to the present time of the business, etc.

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Seek help from government agencies (such as Business Registration Office)

Citizens and businesses can both go to the Business Registration Office where the business register and ask for information.

Procedures to be provided with information include:

  • Written request (valid) for provision of information (for enterprises, there must be a letter of introduction or written request; for individuals, there must be a written request).

  • The contents of a letter of introduction or written request must clearly state the object, purpose and request for information. The information to be provided should be committed by the applicant and the applicant are fully responsible for the exploitation and use of the information provided, etc.

After receiving the request for information, the information-providing agency will have to compare with the provisions of law and regulations of information provision of the agency. If the steps follow the proper rules and procedures, business information will be provided to the applicant in accordance with the provisions of law and the regulations of information provision.

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Guide to get business information on official websites

As mentioned above, there are two websites that are considered legitimate for people to look up business information in the most accurate and fast way. Here are some basic lookup guides on

To quickly get basic information such as business name, business code, charter capital, business line, etc. of a Vietnamese enterprise that has been established and legally operating, you can follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: On the web browser, enter the address:

Step 2: Enter the business name or business code / tax code of the company that you want to search information in the search box in the upper left corner and then click the search button.

Step 3: After clicking the search button, the search results will appear containing the specific name of the business. Click on that search result to see the information. The information displayed after searching includes:

  • Business name (full name, English name and abbreviated name)

  • Business code / tax code • Internal code, type of business

  • Operational status, legal representative, head office address.

It only takes a few basic steps to get to know the business information you are looking for. The method of searching on the Internet is really convenient and fast. The information about the business you look up on the aforementioned websites is very accurate because they are under state agencies. However, these are just the most basic information, if you want to get more details, you need to pay for the information you want to receive. In addition, information provided by these websites is displayed in Vietnamese only, making it difficult for foreign investors to understand. Therefore, to get business information, especially detailed information about businesses in English, investors as well as foreign customers should visit the website of VietnamCredit, which provides full company reports in English.

​Above is the most detailed and complete way on how to look up business information. It can be seen that, to understand more about a business, anyone can search for information through different ways, but not everyone can use what they have to analyze and make best judgments about businesses and markets. Contact us now for detailed advice on financial issues, businesses, and markets!

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Alice Hoang Thao - VietnamCredit


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