In the first 10 months of 2018, there is an increase in Growth rate of key indicators in the first 10 months compared to same period last year.

Index of Industrial Production (IIP) is estimated to increase by 10.4% over the same period last year. Of which, the manufacturing sector increased 12,7%; Power production and distribution increased by 9.6%, Water supply and waste disposal increased by 6.6%, Particularly, the mining sector decreased by 2.6%.

From the beginning of the year to October 20, 2018, FDI attracted 2458 newly licensed projects of FDI with total registered capital of USD15,028.2 million, up 18.7% in number of projects and 7.8% in registered capital over the same period of 2017. Manufacturing is the most attractive industry for FDI capital with total registerd capital of USD6,855.6 million, accounting for 45.6% of total registered capital.

There are 78,404 Temporarily ceased enterprises and 13,307 Enterprises which finished the procedure for dissolution. Thus, in the past 10 months, about 1 new business was established, there are approximately 1 business Temporarily ceased or finished the procedure for dissolution.

About merchandize trade balance in 10 months of 2018, Vietnam continued to have trade surplus of USD6.4 billion, of which the domestic economic sector had trade deficit of USD20.7 billion; the FDI sector (including crude oil) had trade surplus of USD27.1 billion.