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Industry analysis

Industry analysis

Thursday 23, 04 2020
Before deciding to invest in a business or to make a cooperation decision, it is crucial for the decision makers to gain a vast amount of intel regarding their customers, and one of those important intels is the one about the industry.
A report regarding the industry can provide you with a comprehensive vision of the competition dynamics of an industry. It helps the users understand what is being transpired in an industry, including the statistics of demand-supply, the competition level within the industry, the degree of competition between the industry with other rising industries, the credit system of the industry, and how external factor may affect the industry, etc. 

Using an industry analysis or an industry report, a company will see its position in comparison to other participants in an industry, as well as identify the opportunities and potential risks which they may have to face. Moreover, an industry report will show a company the scenario of the industry at the present and the future, aiding them in their decision making. Only by the understanding of the differences between you and your competitors in the same industry and taking advantage of them will you be able to survive in this fierce business battlefield. 

Vietnam Credit Industry Report

Similar to industry analysis, the Industry Report of the VietnamCredit provides its users with analyzed information on the current state, as well as future forecasts of every economic sector in Vietnam. 

Thanks to our Industry Report, investors or decision makers will have insights of their desired economic sector, gaining maximum support in business decision making. Moreover, risk-takers will save time and cost, as well as gain easy access to analyst’s wise opinions.

How a VietnamCredit Industry Report is made

Firstly, we receive the order or request from the customers, and then we do research on the scopes & structures of the report. After that our analysts will access the VNC’s Data to gain information on the required industry before collecting more data from other trustworthy sources to make sure our information is sufficient and informative, as well as to prevent subjectivity from affecting our judgements. 

After the suffice amount of data has been collected, our experts will start analyzing them and try to see the truth hiding behind the numbers and indexes, giving themselves a more through vision into the matter. After the careful analysis, the experts will proceed to giving their own opinions on the collected information and on the industry, providing the users of the Report with some sources of reference to use in their decision making. 

At the end, out team will complete the Industry Report and deliver it to the customer in order to meet the deadline. During the preparation of an industry report, experts from VietnamCredit take advantage of different methods, including PEST – the general description of the Vietnamese politics, economy, society, and technology; 5 Forces – the evaluation of the main impacts of the industry; 4Ps or 7Ps – description of the greatest strengths of the industry and of the company; and last but not least, SWOT – the analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges of the industry and of each major companies in the industry. 

Vietnam Credit Index (VCI)

The VCI is a unique synthesis developed by VietnamCredit based on a complete data set of businesses operating in certain economic sectors. The VCI was created in 2009 and has been updated every year ever since. According to VietnamCredit's experts, using VCI as a reference source, you can save USD millions worth of costs. Currently, there is a total amount of 442 industries listed in our database, and in each entry there are basic information on the industry such as the name, the ISIC Code, the number of companies and employees, as well as advanced information like those on the company performance and the financial data presented in chart form to make it easier for the users to notice the progress and differences the industry has been through. You can access the VCI Industry List via our website at: 

Vietnam Country Report

Beside the Industry Report, we also provide our users with the Vietnam Country Report, which is a comprehensive analysis of Vietnam's economic, financial, political, and social situations, which is updated quarterly and yearly. It also provides forecasts about some important economic and financial indicators. This report is expected to support both foreign and Vietnamese policy makers, researchers, investors, and corporations in making key decisions. Potential users may get access to some of our sample of the Vietnam Country Report at

Our sources of information

When making an industry report, beside the VNC’ In-house Database, we tend to gather our information from multiple sources, including governments, businesses, trade unions, professional associations, banks, investment agencies, and international organizations in order to get the highest, most informative and accurate data, analysis and opinions possible, thus giving the users the reference and the confidence to make their business decisions. 


Before entering the game, it is important to know the rules, the regulations and who your opponents are, and thanks to our large database and reliable sources of information and our highly experienced industry analysts, the VietnamCredit Industry Report is guaranteed to provide you with a reader-friendly report, including recommendations and consultant from leading experts, aiding you in becoming the winner while being time and cost saving.  
Should you decide to use our Industry Report, you may make the request at


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