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How do Bankers make sales during the Covid-19 season?

How do Bankers make sales during the Covid-19 season?

Monday 09, 03 2020
At this time, the spread of the disease has caused us all to be very vigilant and alert.

For banker - determining a positive attitude and taking advantage of opportunities to sell, care and better serve customers as well as take advantage of accumulating knowledge, skills, etc. will say a lot about your personal commitment and the seriousness of your work.

In the context of the current Covid-19 epidemic, the organization and implementation of sales activities at bank branches need to be properly focused and appropriate to the situation to be effective. As production, business, trade and investment activities slow down; market transactions are less active, and customers are still too worried to travel, etc., branches should orient the selling force to the following 10 focuses.

The first one

They should focus on exploiting the existing customer system, especially the group of customers who are trading products such as credit, deposits, accounts, cards and payroll services. The potential for cross-selling and up-sell (selling more) for this customer base is very good.

The probability of success is also higher. In fact, some banks have focused on implementing cross-selling activities for the past few years, even offering an average of 4 products and services per customer. However, many other units are still not drastic, so the average number of products and services used per customer is still low.

The second one

Banks should exploit the customer system "hibernation": Using detailed analysis of customer database affiliates, people will see that about 40% of customers have stopped trading for more than 6 months. These are customers who have already deposited savings, opened an account or borrowed at a branch but then settled and for various reasons no longer traded.

Customers may move, change their workplace, be dissatisfied with the service or attracted by other banks, etc. Therefore, this time is an opportunity to convince customers to return with a specific commitment to superior service quality.

The third one

Thirdly, they need to actively use telesales and telemarketing: if you want to be proactive in preventing epidemics, you should limit contact with people to minimize risks, therefore, using phones is the perfect method for marketing and selling. With an average successful call rate of 5%, if every day, the customer specialist spends about 1 hour calling about 40 calls, on average, they will get 2 appointments with customers who are interested.

Normally, a branch with over 10 years of establishment always has tens of thousands of customers opening accounts and using services - this is a potential database of customers to perform telesales and telemarketing before exploiting the external databases.

How do Bankers make sales during the Covid-19 season?

The fourth one

Fourth, bankers need to exploit customer relationships (referral sales): each customer always has 4 relationship circles: family relationship (siblings and relatives ...); neighborhood relationship (neighbors, neighborhoods, apartments ...); colleagues relationship (friends, colleagues, business partners ...) and social relationship (golf friends, club friends, etc.).

Bankers could pay attention to exploitation by encouraging customers to recommend, enthusiastically serving and showing an absolute personal commitment to persuade customers.

The fifth one

Fifthly, banks could focus on exploiting the micro-market, including a radius of 1-3km, including communities, small businesses, businesses, state administrative agencies and associations/unions, etc. By focusing on building a personal reputation, hard work and enthusiasm, the banker will have many good opportunities to attract this important customer base.

In addition, it is advisable to take advantage of the time to build good relationships with state management agencies and local governments, from construction licensing to business management, etc. This is a way to help better reach the business community in the area.

The sixth one

Sixth, cross-exploitation of corporate customers can also be used, especially for the group of customers who have a credit limit and payroll service. The best way to do this is to pair an individual customer expert with a business, schedule a visit, and then visit each business every day – This expresses interest in the business needs, and helps bankers introducing individual service products to leaders, management teams and employees.

The seventh one

Seventh, bankers should focus on potential customer segments by identifying potential customer segments in the area and designing appropriate groups of solutions. For individual customers in general, this period has a high demand for products and services such as cards, insurance, credit, overdraft, etc.

Similarly, the group of business households and small businesses in the retail segment, consumer goods, health services, food, essential needs, for example, will need payment services, credit limits, etc.

The eighth one

Eighth, bankers need to prioritize the improvement of customer service quality by taking the time to visit their customers directly to strengthen the relationships as well as to learn and evaluate the impact of the epidemic- especially that on small businesses or business households - from there, bankers may propose packages of products and services as well as necessary mechanisms, policies and support to help customers feel more confident in a turbulent period.

The ninth one

Ninthly, this is high time for bankers to build internal relations: If the impact of the disease affects the individual sales plans, which limits the marketing activities of outside sales, bankers should take advantage of this time to build the internal customer relationships with other departments.

Usually, banker only uses email and text messages, but now they can meet their potential internal customers directly to exchange and share about work, needs, customer service, etc. to understand and cooperate with each other more effectively.

The last one

Tenth, this is a good time to learn: bankers should actively participate in internal training programs, actively register for online courses, read more books and specialized materials, etc. Determining a positive attitude, optimism and taking advantage of opportunities to accumulate knowledge, sales skills ... will tell a lot about personal commitment as well as the seriousness of each individual's work.

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