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Eurowindow belongs to the Top 50 Vietnamese enterprises with excellent growth in 2020

Eurowindow belongs to the Top 50 Vietnamese enterprises with excellent growth in 2020

Friday 12, 06 2020
Recently, Vietnam Report has published the rankings of Top 500 enterprises with the highest growth rates in Vietnam and Top 50 Vietnamese enterprises with excellent growth in 2020.

Eurowindow belongs to both lists

Notably, Eurowindow is the only major enterprise in the glass and aluminum doors and windows manufacturing and trading industry appearing in both these lists.
Officially published for the first time in 2011, the FAST500 ranking was built by Vietnam Report based on the individual research and evaluation of the top domestic and international economic experts and consultants from reputable organizations such as Harvard University or the Boston global forum, etc.

The ranking is based on the double growth criterion (CAGR) in terms of revenue for the last 4 years. Besides, other criteria such as the total assets, labor force, profit-after-tax, and the business’s credibility on media, etc. are also used as supporting factors to determine the scale and position of the enterprise in its operating field.

Regarding factor contributing the most to the growth rates of enterprises in the last 5 years (2015-2019), according to experts, the factor of the domestic and regional growth takes the lead with 52.1%, followed by the factor of new product lines developments with 47.9%, of market expansion with 45.8%, of new market segment development with 35.4%, and the availability of skilled workers with competitive costs with 25%. In 3 consecutive years, many FAST500 enterprises think that the growth of the domestic and regional markets is the key reason promoting the growth of enterprises besides the market expansion and new product line development efforts.

Eurowindow’s growth and its current information

Eurowindow belongs to the Top 50 Vietnamese enterprises with excellent growth in 2020

In the past years, Eurowindow has consecutively achieved the yearly revenue growth of a 2-digit number. The fact that this firm appears in the list of 500 enterprises with the fast growth rate in Vietnam further proves its leading position in Vietnam in the process of modernizing the urban structure, contributing to changing the face of the country and promoting the general economic development.

Eurowindow’s products have been playing their parts in constructing the spacious appearance of hundreds of thousands of constructions nationwide, ranging from condos, villas, offices, offices of state agencies, buildings of banks, hotels, schools, hospitals, etc. to key national projects such as the National Assembly Building, Government Building, international airports, etc.

In Myanmar, after opening a representative office and showroom in Yangon, Eurowindow has also quickly seized the opportunity, gradually established market share, and provided products for hotels, factories, and private household projects.

In Laos, the brand of Eurowindow has helped to create the highlights for modernly-designed projects such as the Noong Tha complex of the Laos Vietnam Joint Venture Bank (LaoVietBank), the Lao Science and Technology Management Center, and the Laos - France school, etc.

During its establishment and development, Eurowindow has always been active and sensitive to the market, taking the direction of sustainable development strategy as a "guideline" for all production and business activities. Constantly pioneering the application of new technologies, maintaining the spirit of exploration, and asserting the bravery of the leader, since the uPVC modern door success, Eurowindow has been continuing to bring other complete building materials solutions such as Aluminum doors, large glass aluminum walls, wooden doors, fireproof wooden doors, automatic doors, rolling doors, hydraulic doors, tempered glass products, semi-toughened glass, safety glass, patterned glass, glass box, wooden flooring, furniture, etc., guiding the demand and creating new consumption trend on the market. Bringing smart designing solutions, improving aesthetics, safety, cost optimization, and proving projects with high efficiency are how Eurowindow has been building their position in consumers’ hearts and being the reliable option for green project development investors in Vietnam.

Currently, Eurowindow has established a wide distribution network throughout the provinces and cities across the country with 1 main office, 2 branches, 5 factories, nearly 40 showrooms, and hundreds of agents, distributors, representative offices, and showrooms in Myanmar. The development of both width and depth, pioneering technology helps Eurowindow to always be ready to meet large orders with a fast production schedule.
In the context of Vietnam's economy likely to be negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, FAST500 businesses in general and Eurowindow, in particular, will focus on 4 priority strategies to overcome the growth challenge, which are efforts to increase sales/profits in current markets, improving product quality and increasing productivity, introducing and developing new products/services, and minimizing costs.

Entering the new decade, Eurowindow's vision is to continue affirming its position as the leading provider of total green building materials solutions in Vietnam.

Eurowindow's mission is to be a pioneer in bringing new, environmentally friendly, energy-saving technology products. Eurowindow contributes to improving the quality of life for millions of customers and modernizing urban architecture. Accompanying partners in a spirit of resonance to increase long-term value for shareholders and employees, Eurowindow associates corporate interests with the common interests of society and joins hands with the community to promote the prosperous development of the country.

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