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Discovering new criminal tricks in the banking sector

Discovering new criminal tricks in the banking sector

Monday 04, 11 2019
In addition to the violations related to fraud, misuse of trust in property appropriation, property embezzlement, violation of regulations on lending ... a number of new modes and tricks in the field of banking have been discovered.

On the morning of November 4, the National Assembly began the third working week of the 8th session, listening to reports and discussions on crime prevention, anti-corruption, and reports of judicial agencies.

Prosecuting 214 cases and 497 defendants charged with usury

Presenting a brief report on the prevention of crime and law violations in 2019 (from October 1, 2018, to September 30, 2019) Minister of Public Security To Lam highlighted the outstanding results.

Firstly, we have firmly ensured national security and struggled to defeat many conspiracies and sabotage activities of hostile and reactionary forces, especially plots to provoke protests, disturbances, and terrorism, and sabotage. Prevention, fighting and suppressing criminals have achieved many positive results. The rate of case investigation reached 78% (8% higher than the targets assigned by the National Assembly, with very serious cases reached 91.32% and extremely serious cases reached 96.02%).

Basically the prominent cases, causing public opinion have been investigated and clarified, cases of child abuse have been investigated, dealt with more drastically, crimes related to "black credit" have been extinguished, crimes related to "black credit" were strongly suppressed, creating positive changes, thereby contributing to reducing 1.95% of the number of criminal offenses compared to the same period in 2018, the Minister generalized.

Regarding the black credit, a full report of the Government to the National Assembly said that in the first 6 months of 2019, the whole country has prosecuted 436 cases and prosecuted 766 suspects for activities related to “black credit”, protection, debt collection; of which, 214 cases, 497 defendants charged with usury in civil transactions (as provided in Article 201 of the Criminal Code) have been prosecuted.

Economic crime developed complicatedly 

According to the Government's report, in 2019, there were 15,953 crimes and violations of the law on economic management (down 18.03% compared to the same period in 2018), 321 crimes and law violations in terms of corruption and positions (down 4.18% compared to the same period in 2018).

In particular, we accelerated the investigation of cases under the Central Steering Committee on anti-corruption monitoring and directing to ensure timely progress, overcoming many difficulties and obstacles in asset appraisal, valuation, provision of documents, documents, evidence evaluation, identification of crimes, and asset recovery. The work of detecting, investigating and handling corruption in localities has made much progress, gradually overcoming the situation of "hot and cold." The competent authorities have detected and strictly dealt with many cases of smuggling, trade fraud, production, trading of fake goods, and banned goods, contributing to deterring violations (typically, Dak Nong Police found the production of the fake A95 gasoline in large scale in many southern provinces).

The Government assessed corruption and economic law violations still took place in a complicated way; the criminal procedures became increasingly sophisticated, using information technology and high-tech equipment to commit crimes and using revenue fraud software to evade taxes, extending the toll collection time at BOT tollgates.

Smuggling, commercial frauds, trading of banned goods and fake goods are still complicated. The discover of large-scale fake gasoline production involving many localities, concerning the public.

“The activities of taking advantage of equitization, divesting state capital in enterprises, implementing projects, joint ventures, cooperating and cooperating in investment to appropriate state assets are still complex. The situation of "petty corruption" in resolving public administrative procedures takes place in many fields, especially at the basic level, causing frustration for people and businesses.” - The Government acknowledged.

Minister To Lam also emphasized crimes and legal violations in a number of notable state management fields, firstly in the field of finance and banking.

The Minister said that in 2019, 39 cases and 112 suspects were related to the banking sector. In addition to the violations related to fraud, misuse of trust in property appropriation, property embezzlement, violation of regulations on lending ... some new methods and tricks have been discovered.

For example, there are forging signatures on savings books to usurp bank assets, forging customer information for making credit cards, forging credit card casts to withdraw appropriated money. A number of foreign and domestic enterprises colluded with each other to apply for infrastructure, set up projects, collude with bank officials to borrow capital, legalize the use of loans with contracts to increase the value of the machines and equipment with foreign partners to transfer money abroad, etc.

After listening to the Government's reports and the Judicial Committee's verification reports, the National Assembly will conduct discussions on both November 4 and November 5 morning.

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