Along with the strong development of the economy, there are more and more businesses being established. This has created a huge competitive pressure for existing companies. Therefore, enterprises always need to grasp the newest trend and flow of the society accurately and timely to avoid being outdated. In particular, the information system plays a huge role in helping businesses grow and create a position in the market.

The role of information system

It can be said that information system provides a link between companies and the society. It is a system located in the center of businesses, making the process of collecting, processing and providing information more convenient. The role of information systems is expressed both inside and outside of a company.

Outside: The information system has the role of collecting data from the external environment, and bringing information of the enterprise to the outside world. Types of information collected and provided externally include information on prices, labor, consumer tastes, demand for goods, inflation, government policies, etc.

Inside: The internal information system of the enterprise acts as a bridge, linking the departments within the enterprise. It collects, provides information for the units needed to accomplish the various purposes that the business set out for. For example, information on production and business activities; information about the management level of the enterprise; information about the company's internal policies; information on procurement, import and export of goods; Information about sales, revenue, finance ...

Impact of information systems on enterprises

The information system has three main impacts on businesses:

Supporting and improving competitiveness for businesses: Information systems help businesses operate more efficiently, reduce costs, thereby increasing competitiveness for products sold. Moreover, the information system also helps shorten and link the gap between businesses and customers and suppliers.

Supporting enterprise decision making: A complete information system will help corporate executives have a comprehensive picture of the production, business, finance ... of the business, which assists them to make appropriate, right and effective business decisions.

Supporting business operations: Information system allows storing a large amount of necessary information including customers, suppliers, product information, selling prices, labels, costs, ... and help make business operation smooth and time-saving

It can be said that an information system is an effective tool to help businesses develop, create brand value and optimal competitive position in the market not only in Vietnam but also in international markets. Therefore, it plays an important and indispensable role in every business.



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