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Business information database in Vietnam

Business information database in Vietnam

Wednesday 26, 05 2021
Business information database is one of the most important factors that cannot be indispensable when business organizations and enterprises make business decisions.

In other countries, especially in developed ones, such information is available and very easily accessible to anyone who wants to enter the market. However, in Vietnam, which is a developing country, business information provided by state agencies is not really complete, transparent and useful to domestic and foreign investors.

In the Doing Business 2020 report by the World Bank, out of 190 surveyed economies, Vietnam achieved 69.8 points, higher than in 2019 (68.6). However, it dropped one place from 69th to 70th position. Specifically, the index of starting a business of Vietnam was ranked 115th. This shows that Vietnam needs to make more efforts to improve the business environment as well as create transparency and publicity of business information.

World Bank

Nevertheless, it is not completely impossible to get business information database in Vietnam because there are a few enterprises providing information services about businesses, and the most prominent of which is VietnamCredit. Understanding the difficulties faced by investors when they enter the Vietnamese market, VietnamCredit has launched a number of very useful products to provide the most accurate and comprehensive information about a certain company operating in Vietnam.

VietnamCredit's products allow all investors, wherever they are, to access the business information database in Vietnam through the Internet. We provide information including legal, financial and other related information about all businesses registered at the Vietnam business registrar. In addition, to give investors an overview of certain industries in Vietnam, VietnamCredit also provides industry reports which contains a lot of information about the industry and top businesses in that industry.

Business information products by VietnamCredit

We provide 3 business information products as follows:

  • Company profile report: This product contains information about company identification, location, contacts of board of directors, registered shareholders, description of business operation, and key financial data of one latest available fiscal year. The cost for a report of this kind is 19 USD.
  • Company standard report: In addition to information about the company's profile, this report also provides other useful information including public debts, negative news, financial analysis (key ratios such as: liquidity ratios, activity ratios, leverage ratios, etc.) and latest updated information about the company. A company standard report costs 79 USD.
  • Comprehensive report: As its name suggests, this report provides all the information an investor needs to know about a business, from basic information to financial analysis, payment history, legal information, etc. The cost for a comprehensive report is 149 USD.

Business information products by VietnamCredit

Steps for using VietnamCredit's business information service

  • Step 1: With a personal computer or smart device (smartphone, tablet) at home or work with Internet connection, users can use popular browsers and access to
  • Step 2: Type the name of the business in our search bar.
  • Step 3: Select the product of your interest (Company profile report, Company standard report or Comprehensive report) and put it in your shopping cart
  • Step 4: Make online payment and download the report(s).

Steps for using VietnamCredit's business information service

Payment method

There are two forms of payment for business information products of Vietnam Credit.

The first one is payment on purchase of single product. With this method, customers are entitled to preview a part of the report, and when satisfied, they can pay online and download the report immediately.

The other method is called subscription contract. Customers can sign subscription contracts on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis with VietnamCredit. Invoices will be sent to customers at the end of the month, and customers can pay within 30 or 60 days from the date of sending invoices with full statistics of the number of reports that they download. With this form, the longer the subscription contract, the lower the price of each product will be. For long-term contracts (3 years) and the number of requests per month reaching hundreds of reports, the cost can be just about 50 USD / 1 comprehensive report.

VietnamCredit accepts payments via Paypal, Onepay and bank transfer.

* What to bear in mind when using business information products of Vietnam Credit

1. In the user information section, customers need to provide information including name, phone number and email address of the company / organization that they are working for.

2. Customers can search for information on all businesses or household businesses registered in Vietnam.

Written By: Vietnam Credit


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