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Banking News (week 14, 2021)

Banking News (week 14, 2021)

Friday 09, 04 2021
Following is the news brief on Vietnam’s banking industry for the 13th week of 2021 compiled by VietnamCredit.

+ Vietbank has just implemented many action programs aimed at customers such as extension, fee exemption and interest reduction policies for individual and corporate customers. Specifically, for corporate customers with short-term working capital loans, Vietbank offers preferential interest rates of only 6.5% / year (VND). For individual customers, Vietbank also has the loan preferential package program with interest rates from only 6% / year in the first 3 months and only 7% / year in the first 6 months with a total limit up to VND 1,000 billion for short-term packages and VND 2,000 billion for medium and long-term packages.

+ The State Bank of Vietnam has just issued Document No. 220 / TNI-TTGSNH approving the relocation of MSB Tay Ninh branch. Accordingly, from March 22, 2021, Tay Ninh Branch and ATM (number: 01) of Vietnam Maritime Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MSB) at the old location at No. 844-846-848 Cach Mang Thang Street Tam, Ward 4, Tay Ninh City, Tay Ninh Province will be relocated to the new location at PGI-34 and PGI-35, in the road April 30, Ward 3, Tay Ninh City, Tay Ninh province.

The State Bank

+ Enterprises will receive higher interest rates when saving online at HDBank. Accordingly, without going to a transaction point of HDBank, businesses can still deposit term deposits just by logging in to HDBank's online transaction channel HDBank is currently applying a more preferential online term deposit interest rate than the listed deposit interest rate of 0.2% per annum.

+ From April 1, 2021, customers can purchase auto insurance of BIDV Insurance Corporation (BIC) online via BIC Online's mobile application. Accordingly, customers will immediately receive Got It shopping Voucher worth 1,200,000 VND when participating in automobile material insurance with the fee from 5 to less than 10 million VND; 1,500,000 VND with the fee from 10 to less than 15 million VND; VND 2,000,000 with a fee of between 15 and under 30 million VND; 5,000,000 VND with the fee of over 30 million VND.


+ Saigon - Hanoi Bank (SHB) officially launched an automatic savings product from February 1, 2021. Accordingly, customers only need to register to open an automatic savings deposit account easily at a transaction point or right on SHB Internet banking / Mobile banking. Savings account will then be automatically opened according to the amount registered by the customer for periodical deposit. Savings deposits are deducted from current accounts registered by customers.

+ From now to June 25, 2021, customers opening a payment account at Quoc Dan Commercial Joint Stock Bank (NCB) can choose and immediately own a customized digital account as desired. This paid service will provide customers with many conveniences on NCB's modern e-banking ecosystem platform. Accordingly, NCB's customized digital payment account selection service is aimed at all customers who are individuals and organizations that need to own unique account numbers such as birthdays, anniversaries, phone numbers or other numbers of interest.


+ Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank (OCB) and Bamboo Airways have officially launched the OCB co-branded credit card - Bamboo Airways MasterCard Platinum. Accordingly, the OCB - Bamboo Airways MasterCard Platinum co-branded credit card offers cardholders outstanding benefits such as spending first, paying later; Interest-free payments up to 55 days; online payments at shopping websites that accept MasterCard cards all over the world with 3DSecure authentication service.

+ Agribank is implementing many promotions with attractive prizes worth more than 02 billion VND to pay tribute to customers. Specifically, Agribank launched the program "A bustling birthday - a thousand gratitude" from March 22, 2021 to May 31, 2021 for individual customers who use payment deposit accounts at Agribank. With the promotion program "Happy Birthday - Preferential treatment", customers using Agribank domestic chip cards or domestic non-physical cards Agribank Dcard to make payment for goods and services will receive an incentive of 50% refund of transaction value (up to VND 500,000 / transaction).


Compiled by VietnamCredit

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