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5 Principles To Maintain The Performance Of Elon Musk

5 Principles To Maintain The Performance Of Elon Musk

Thursday 12, 12 2019
Elon Musk is the chief executive officer (CEO) of electric car company Tesla, space exploration startup SpaceX and tunneling company The Boring Company. At some points, he worked an average of 17 hours a day and spent a little time to rest.

Elon Musk even slept right on the factory floor at Tesla to ensure speeding up production of Model 3 electric cars, according to CNBC.

With a busy schedule at three companies, Musk has his own work ethic to maintain performance and each shared them with Tesla employees.

1. Be careful with large-scale meetings

"Excessive meetings are devastating for big companies and get worse over time. Get out of large meetings unless you're sure the organizer will bring benefits for the participants, "Elon Musk wrote in a share to Tesla employees.

2. Ignore regular meetings

"You should also skip regular meetings unless something is extremely urgent. The frequency of meetings should not be too thick unless there is an urgent problem to solve," Tesla CEO advised.

3. Leave the meeting if you have nothing left to contribute

"Get out of a meeting when you're no longer contributing. Leaving is not impolite. It's impolite to get someone to stay and waste their time," Elon said.

5 principles to maintain the performance of Elon Musk

4. Communicate directly, regardless of hierarchy

Musk said that communication should follow the shortest path to get the job done, not through a chain of ranks within the company. Any manager at Tesla who tries to force hierarchical exchanges will be fired.

"The main source of problems is the failure of communication between departments. The way to solve this is to make the flow of information at all levels free. If to solve a problem, an individual has to talk to his manager, then he has to report it to the director, then the vice president, then another vice president ... Stupid things will happen. Everything will be fine if people talk directly to each other and handle the problems ".

​5. Follow logic, not rules

​"In general, always follow common sense. If in any case, following a 'company rule' causes ridiculous things, this regulation needs to be changed." Musk advised.

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