18 most traded commodities worldwide

With everyday passing by, a huge amount of goods is traded in global market, in which we have 18 most traded ones with high value.

Below is the list of 18 most traded goods in the world:

List of 18 most traded goods
Cars stays on top of the list with export value of USD1350 billion per year. Vehicle parts are quite close behind with USD685 billion, ranking #4.

Oil is also prominent goods: refined petroleum holds the second position of the list with USD825 billion while crude oil and petroleum gas stand #8 and #12 with USD549 billion and USD254 billion respectively.

Noticeably, human or animal blood is also seen as one of the most traded commodities. It is estimated that each year USD252 billion worth of blood is traded.

The USA is the top importer with 12 out of 18 types of goods, in which cars and oil are what imported most by this country.

It is interesting that the USA is also the top importer and exporter of refined oil and medical instruments. That can be explained by the fact that these 2 commodities are high-grade products. The US may import refined petroleum at very low cost and at the same time export a more specialized one with higher cost.

Germany is the top exporter of cars, vehicle parts and pharmaceuticals while Switzerland is the world’s number one gold importer and exporter.

Finally, China is the biggest importer of all 18 commodities mentioned including computers, Broadcasting Equipment, telephones, …
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